Current Affairs Dec 2014 Quiz - 6

51Who was unanimously confirmed as the next US Ambassador to India by the Senate in Dec 2014? With this, he will become the first-ever Indian-American to hold the post. His nomination was approved by the Senate by a voice vote.
A) Nisha Desai Biswal
B) Rajiv Shah
C) Richard Rahul Verma
D) Vinai K. Thummalapally
52The Reserve Bank of India has kept the SLR rate unchanged at ________ during its announcement of fifth bi-monthly monetary policy review in Dec 2014.
A) 23.5%
B) 22.5%
C) 23%
D) 22%

53Minorities Rights Day is observed on ________ across the world to create awareness on rights of minorities.
A) 18-Dec
B) 21-Dec
C) 16-Dec
D) 23-Dec
54Who has been awarded with the Swiss Ambassador's Award for his inspirational and socially responsible leadership in Mumbai in Dec 2014.
A) Anand Mahindra
B) NR Narayana Murthy
C) Azim Premji
D) Adi Godrej
55Indian Boxer Sarita Devi finally received her Asian Games bronze medal in Dec 2014 which she had refused at the victory ceremony during the 17th Asian Games in Incheon earlier this year. She was provisionally suspended for how many months/years by the World Boxing federation?
A) 6 Months
B) 1 Year
C) 2 Years
D) 1.5 Years
56The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence was announced in Dec 2014. Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year award?
A) Yusuf Ahmed
B) Ankit Bansal
C) Dhiraj Rajaram and Chandra Shekhar Ghosh
D) None of These
57Global Human Rights Day is observed on 10-December across the world to raise awareness about Human rights. The theme of 2014 Human Rights Day was _____________- which was based on the idea that every day is Human Rights Day and everyone is entitled to basic human rights day.
A) Human Rights 2014
B) Human Rights 12
C) Human Rights 365
D) None of These
58US based think tank IntelCenter has released Country Threat Index (CTI) in Dec 2014 which ranks 45 countries in terms of terrorist and rebel threat to a country.  Which country got the wrost rank as per the index?
A) Somalia
B) Nigeria
C) Iraq
D) Afghanistan
59German Chancellor __________- was re-elected unopposed as chief of Conservative party in Dec 2014. This post is the highest post in the largest economy of Europe and also termed as the Europe's most powerful leader.
A) Angela Merkel
B) Joachim Gauck
C) François Hollande
D) Vladimir Putin
60Inflation in China, measured by Consumer Price Index, stood at ______ in November (announced in Dec 2014).
A) 1.1%
B) 1.4%
C) 1.6%
D) 2.1%

51Ans) Richard Rahul Verma
52Ans) 22%
53Ans) 18-Dec
54Ans) Azim Premji
55Ans) 1 Year
56Ans) Dhiraj Rajaram and Chandra Shekhar Ghosh
57Ans) Human Rights 365
58Ans) Iraq
59Ans) Angela Merkel
60Ans) 1.4%

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