Current Affairs Dec 2014 Quiz - 4

31ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has selected ________ of India as its global partner for the world cup to be held in Australia and New Zealand next year.
A) Micromax
B) Bharti Airtel
C) MRF Ltd
D) Reliance Industries
32The European Central Bank (ECB) has kept the benchmark interest rate unchanged at ________ during its monetary policy review meeting in Dec 2014.
A) 0.5%
B) 0.05%
C) 0.25%
D) 0.1%

33The Reserve Bank of India has kept Reverse Repo rate unchanged at ________ during its announcement of fifth bi-monthly monetary policy review in Dec 2014.
A) 6.75%
B) 7.75%
C) 7.25%
D) 7%
34The Bank of England has also kept the benchmark interest rate unchanged at record low of _________ in Dec 2014.
A) 0.5%
B) 0.05%
C) 0.25%
D) 0.1%
35The International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended Pakistan off-spin bowler ___________ from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect in Dec 2014 for illegal bowling action.
A) Saeed Ajmal
B) Ahmed Shehzad
C) Umar Akmal
D) Mohammad Hafeez
36The International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development  day is obnserved on______________
A) 5-Dec
B) 6-Dec
C) 12-Dec
D) 10-Dec
37Who has become the fourth batsman to complete 13000 One-Day Internationals (ODI) runs lin Dec 2014?
A) Sanath Jayasuriya
B) Mahela Jayawardane
C) Kumar Sangakkara
D) Michael Clarke
38India's latest communication satellite __________ was successfully placed in into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) by Ariane 5 rocket in Dec 2014.
A) GSAT-11
B) GSAT-16
C) GSAT-20
39The Delhi Government banned all operations by private cab service __________ in Dec 2014 with immediate effect and also blacklisted it from providing any transport service in NCR after an alleged rape incident by its driver?
A) Ola
B) Uber
C) TaxiForSure
D) None of These
40Who has been appointed as non-executive Chairman of Credit Rating Agency ICRA Limited in Dec 2014?
A) Pranab Kumar Choudhury
B) Vivek Sood
C) Arun Duggal
D) Saurabh Sarkar

31Ans) MRF Ltd
32Ans) 0.05%
33Ans) 7%
34Ans) 0.5%
35Ans) Mohammad Hafeez
36Ans) 5-Dec
37Ans) Kumar Sangakkara
38Ans) GSAT-16
39Ans) Uber
40Ans) Arun Duggal

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