Current Affairs Dec 2014 Quiz - 19

181The Congress celebrated its ________ Foundation Day in Dec 2014 as the Party president Sonia Gandhi unfurled the party flag at its 24, Akbar Road headquarters in the presence of many senior leaders
A) 120th
B) 125th
C) 130th
D) 150th
182Which country won Gold Medal in the final round at the World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad - FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) tournament held at Gyor, Hungary in Dec 2014?
A) Russia
B) Turkey
C) India
D) Ukraine

183Famous journalist-turned-diplomat ________ was appointed as 16th Pakistan Ambassador to the United Nations in Dec 2014.
A) Mosharraf Zaidi
B) Nasim Zehra
C) Riaz Khokhar
D) Maleeha Lodhi
184Union Home Ministry has appointed __________ as Director General of National Disaster Response Force in Dec 2014.
A) Devendra Kumar Pathak
B) Ram Prakash Gupta
C) Om Prakash Singh
D) Arvind Ranjan
185UN General Assembly adopted an India-led resolution in Dec 2014 to declare __________ as -International Day of Yoga-.
A) 12-July
B) 21-December
C) 21-June
D) 28-September
186The mastermind of the ____________ attacks, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, was granted bail by an Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) in Pakistan in Dec 2014.
A) 1993 Mumbai blast
B) Indian Parliament Attack
C) 26/11 Mumbai terror
D) Samjhauta Express blast
187Which country honoured World War- II Indian pilot Late Mohinder Singh Pujji by unveiling his eight-foot bronze statue in Dec 2014?
A) Russia
C) Germany
D) France
188World Diamond Conference was held in __________ in Dec 2014?
A) Bangalore
B) Mumbai
C) New Delhi
D) Hyderabad
189Union Home Ministry has announced to decriminalize attempt to suicide in Dec 2014. Which section of Indian penal code criminilize suicide attempt?
A) Section 311
B) Section 301
C) Section 309
D) Section 321
190An aircraft made by _________ has completed the world-s first flight using -green diesel-, a sustainable biofuel made from vegetable animal fats, in Dec 2014.
A) Lockhead Martin
B) Airbus
C) Boeing
D) None of These

181Ans) 130th
182Ans) India
183Ans) Maleeha Lodhi
184Ans) Om Prakash Singh
185Ans) 21-June
186Ans) 26/11 Mumbai terror
187Ans) UK
188Ans) New Delhi
189Ans) Section 309
190Ans) Boeing

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