Current Affairs Dec 2014 Quiz - 17

161Which country set the Guinness Record for largest human formation of a national flag in the world in Dec 2014 where around 50000 people gathered to form the human flag?
A) Pakistan
B) India
C) China
D) Bangladesh
162The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) relaxed the norms for Pre-paid Payment Instruments (PPI) and doubled the limit of PPI from Rs 50000 rupees Rs ______ in Dec 2014.
A) 75000
B) 1 Lakh
C) 1.25 Lakh
D) 1.5 Lakh

163Who was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of Aviva India Life Insurance Ltd in Dec 2014?
A) Pankaj Razdan
B) TR Ramachandran
C) Trevor Bull
D) Sandeep Bakhshi
164India has been ranked at no ______ position in the list of the countries that are getting better as a place to live and work in for expats as per an HSBC survey published in Dec 2014.
A) First
B) Seond
C) Third
D) Fourth
165Ministry of Railways inaugurated Wi-Fi broadband services at the __________ railway station in Dec 2014. The Wi-Fi facility is being executed by RailTel, a Public Sector Undertaking of the Ministry of Railways.
A) Bangalore
B) Mumbai
C) New Delhi
D) Chennai
166Which Committee on Leveraging the Post Office Network submitted its report to the Union Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Dec 2014. The objective of the Committee was to transform the Post Office Network in keeping with changing market trends and competition.
A) Verma
B) Subramanian
C) Sivaramakrishnan
D) Ramanujam
167Pioneer of home video game console ________ passed away in Dec 2014. He was famously known as the Father of Video Games due to his contributions to video game industry.
A) Nolan Bushnell
B) Ralph Henry Baer
C) Allan Alcorn
D) Steve Russell
168Veteran ____________ Piratla Venkateswarlu passed away in Dec 2014. He was 74.
A) Politician
B) Journalist
C) Author
D) Social Activist
169PM Narendra Modi launched "Born Again on the Mountain" book by __________ in Dec 2014. She is the first Indian amputee and first female amputee to climb Mount Everest.
A) Bachendri Pal
B) Premlata Agarwal
C) Arunima Sinha
D) Tashi Malik
170Former Arsenal and _________ striker Thierry Henry announced his retirement in Dec 2014, ending a 20-year career.
A) Portugal
B) France
C) Germany

161Ans) India
162Ans) 1 Lakh
163Ans) Trevor Bull
164Ans) Seond
165Ans) New Delhi
166Ans) Subramanian
167Ans) Ralph Henry Baer
168Ans) Journalist
169Ans) Arunima Sinha
170Ans) France

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