Current Affairs Dec 2014 Quiz - 16

151Indian Cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has surprisingly announced his retirement from test cricket with immediate effect in Dec 2014. Under his captaincy India got best Test Cricket rank of _____.
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) None of These
152Who has been appinted as the new governor of Mizoram in Dec 2014?
A) Keshari Nath Tripathi
B) Ram Naik
C) Aziz Qureshi
D) Dr K K Paul

153Who has been appinted as the new governor of Uttarakhand in Dec 2014?
A) Keshari Nath Tripathi
B) Ram Naik
C) Aziz Qureshi
D) Dr K K Paul
154India-s largest e-commerce marketplace, __________ has raised another USD 700 million from new investors for its expansion from investors in Dec 2014.
A) Jabong
B) Snapdeal
C) Flipkart
D) Myntra
155Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated to the nation the second unit of the 726 MW gas-based power plant at Palatana in Dec 2014. This plant is situated in which Indian state?
A) Nagaland
B) Manipur
C) Tripura
D) Mizoram
156_____________ captain Khurram Khan became the oldest player to score a century in the One-Day International (ODI) when he scored the winning century in Dubai in November 2014 at the age of 43 years and 162 days.
A) Afghanistan
B) Kenya
C) United Arab Emirates
D) Iraq
157The mid-year economic review published by the Finance Ministry in Dec 2014 has projected India-s growth rate at ______ for the current financial year 2014-15.
A) 5.1%
B) 5.5%
C) 5.9%
D) 6.6%
158Who is the author of the book "2014: The Election That Changed India" which was released in Nov 2014?
A) Rajdeep Sardesai
B) Sagarika Ghose
C) Barkha Dutt
D) Arnab Goswami
159Who won Turner Prize 2014 this week for a video called -It For Others- in Dec 2014. The video reflects on African art and includes a dance sequence inspired by Karl Marx.
A) Jacob Appelbaum
B) Nicky Hager
C) Jock Kane
D) Duncan Campbell
160Tata Coffee has appointed _____________ as the -CEO designate- in Dec 2014 and he will assume charge from 1st April 2015.
A) Hameed Huq
B) Sanjiv Sarin
C) T. V. Narendran
D) Anil Kumar Sardana

151Ans) One
152Ans) Aziz Qureshi
153Ans) Dr K K Paul
154Ans) Flipkart
155Ans) Tripura
156Ans) United Arab Emirates
157Ans) 5.5%
158Ans) Rajdeep Sardesai
159Ans) Duncan Campbell
160Ans) Sanjiv Sarin

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