Current Affairs Dec 2014 Quiz - 11

101The Lok Sabha passed the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Amendment Bill, 2014 in Dec 2014. This bill aims to amend the National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Second Act, and post the bill approval, the date has been extended up to 31st December _________.
A) 2015
B) 2016
C) 2017
D) 2018
102India-s leading publishing house, ___________ announced that it would acquire Music Broadcast Pvt. Ltd (MBPL), which runs Radio City FM across seven states, in Dec 2014.
A) Jagran Prakashan
B) HT Media
D) Hindustan Media

103The United Nations has projected India's economic growth at ______ for next year 2015 and 6.3% for the year 2016 (announced in Dec 2014).
A) 5.7%
B) 5.9%
C) 6%
D) 6.1%
104In a historic decision, US President Barack Obama has announced a series of steps in Dec 2014 to normalize relations with ________ after decades.
A) Mexico
B) Cuba
C) Peru
D) Columbia
105Pro-democracy activist of China, ________ was awarded with the -Olof Palme Human Rights Prize- for the year 2014 in Dec 2014 for his work for democracy, social justice, human rights and freedom of speech which has universal meaning. The award given annually by the Stockholm-based Olof Palme Memorial Fund of Sweden.
A) Cui Weiping
B) Pu Zhiqiang
C) Li Shenzhi
D) Xu Youyu
106India's space agency ISRO launched its heaviest rocket ever, the 630-tonne, three-stage Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle _________, from its base at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh in Dec 2014.
A) Mark I
B) Mark II
C) Mark III
D) Mark IV
107Human Rights Day is observed on_______________ across the world to bring to light the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
A) 10-Dec
B) 12-Dec
C) 18-Dec
D) 19-Dec
108Indian film -_________- has been named as the best first feature at the 18th annual Toronto Film Critics Association (TFCA) awards in Toronto in Dec 2014. It is also the only Indian movie to win a TFCA award.
A) Liar's Dice
B) The Good Road
C) The Lunchbox
D) Ship of Theseus
109The Finance Ministry has approved _________ interest rate on Provident Fund, PF deposits for the financial year 2014-15 (announced in Dec 2014).
A) 8.25%
B) 8.5%
C) 8.75%
D) 9%
110Which Indian business person was made Honorary Citizen of Busan, Korea in Dec 2014 in order to recognize his efforts to enhance friendship and cooperation between India and Republic of Korea.
A) Adi Godrej
B) Venu Srinivasan
C) Anand Mahindra
D) Azim Premji

101Ans) 2017
102Ans) Jagran Prakashan
103Ans) 5.9%
104Ans) Cuba
105Ans) Xu Youyu
106Ans) Mark III
107Ans) 10-Dec
108Ans) The Lunchbox
109Ans) 8.75%
110Ans) Venu Srinivasan

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