Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 8

71 Which global airlines company has announced buying stake in India’s Jet Airways in Dec 2012?
A) Singapore Airlines
B) Etihad Airways
C) Virgin Airlines
D) Qatar Airlines
72 1. Former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has formally launched his new party after leaving BJP in Dec 2012. What is the name of the party he launched?
A) Kannada Janata Party
B) Karnataka Janata Party
C) Karnataka Janagan Party
D) None of These
73 Forbes Magazine has published the list of top 20 powerful persons in the world. India’s Sonia Gandhi secured rank of?
A) 12
B) 9
C) 19
D) 17
74 A UN climate conference held in Dec 2012 agreed to extend the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty that limits the greenhouse gas output of some rich countries till which year?
A) 2015
B) 2018
C) 2020
D) 2025
75 Barcelona’s superstar footballer Lionel Messi broke which footballer’s 40 years old record for most goals in a calendar year in Dec 2012?
A) Franz Beckenbauer
B) Pele
C) Johan Cruijff
D) Gerd Müller
76 The Maldives government took over the Male International Airport from which Indian Company in Dec 2012?
C) GMR Group
D) Unitec
77 Which hockey team won their fifth successive Champions Trophy title held in Dec 2012?
A) Netherlands
B) South Korea
C) Australia
D) Japan
78 enezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has named whom as his successor due to his illness in Dec 2012?
A) Nicolas Maduro
B) Cilia Flores
C) Diosdado Cabello
D) Elías Jaua
79 The Italian private equity fund, Investindustrial, has signed a deal to buy a 37.5% in Aston Martin Lagonda from Investment Dar for 150 million pound in Dec 2012. Which Indian company was also in race to acquire Aston Martin?
A) Ashok Leyland
B) Tata Motors
C) Mahindra & Mahindra
D) Maruti Suzuki
80 “Minorities Rights Day (India)” is observed on?
A) 22-Dec
B) 1-Dec
C) 12-Dec
D) 18-Dec



















Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 8 Answers

71 Ans) Etihad Airways
72 Ans) Karnataka Janata Party
73 Ans) 12
74 Ans) 2020
75 Ans) Gerd Müller
76 Ans) GMR Group
77 Ans) Australia
78 Ans) Nicolas Maduro
79 Ans) Mahindra & Mahindra
80 Ans) 18-Dec

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