Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 7

61 Which Indian Oil & Gas Company has agreed to acquire US energy giant Conoco Phillips 8.4% stake in the Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstans Caspian Sea area for USD 5 billion in Dec 2012?
A) Essar Oil
B) Reliance Industries
C) ONGC Videsh
62 Inflation in the euro zone consisting of 17 nations stood at ____ in November 2012?
A) 2.1%
B) 2.5%
C) 1.9%
D) 2.2%
63 Which Indian IT Services Company has acquired US-based Digital Risk LLC in all-cash deal of USD 175 million in Dec 2012?
A) MindTree
B) Hexaware
C) MphasiS
D) Wipro
64 Which Indian Batsman has become the first Indian batsman and only the eighth in the first-class history to hit three triple-centuries in first class cricket in Dec 2012?
A) Ravindra Jadeja
B) Wasim Jafar
C) Rohit Sharma
D) Virat Kohli
65 US’s GDP Growth rate for the third quarter has been revised to ____ in Dec 2012?
A) 2.2%
B) 2.7%
C) 2.1%
D) 1.8%
66 Growth of India’s eight core sectors stood at ____  in October.
A) 5.2%
B) 6%
C) 6.5%
D) 5%
67 The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) has provisionally suspended  India’s Boxing governing body due to Government interference into the election procedure in Dec 2012. What is the name of India’s boxing governing body?
A) Indian Amateur Boxing Federation
B) Indian Amateur Boxing Association
C) Indian Amateur Boxing Group
D) None of These
68 India’s iconic Hockey player Leslie Walter Claudius passed away in Dec 2012. He won 3 Olympic gold and one Olympic Silver in Hockey. In which Olympic he lead India team to Silver medal finish?
A) Rome, 1960
B) London, 1948
C) Melbourne, 1956
D) Helsinki, 1952
69 India’s foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows stood at ____ in September.
A) USD 7.21 billion
B) USD 3.17 billion
C) USD 4.67 billion
D) USD 1.67 billion
70 The Reserve Bank of India has signed currency swap agreement with which bank in Dec 2012 for up to USD 15 billion to address short term liquidity problems?
A) Bank of Japan
B) Bank of China
C) Bank of Malaysia
D) Bank of Thailand












Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 7 Answers

61 Ans) ONGC Videsh
62 Ans) 2.2%
63 Ans) MphasiS
64 Ans) Ravindra Jadeja
65 Ans) 2.7%
66 Ans) 6.5%
67 Ans) Indian Amateur Boxing Federation
68 Ans) Rome, 1960
69 Ans) USD 4.67 billion
70 Ans) Bank of Japan

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