Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 5

41 Which Indian stock exchange has launched India’s first Carbon based thematic index in Dec 2012?
D) None of These
42 Which multiplex chain has acquired 69% stake in Cinemax in Dec 2012?
A) Fame
B) PVR Cinemas
C) Big Cinemas
D) Inox
43 What was India’s rank in the Corruption Perception Index 2012 (CPI) list of 176 countries published in Dec 2012?
A) 88th
B) 94th
C) 91st
D) 98th
44 Which country won the Women’s title of the Kabaddi world cup held in Dec 2012?
A) Pakistan
B) India
C) Malaysia
D) Thailand
45 Which two global tech giants have tied up to offer nearly USD 500 million in order to purchase patents of Eastman Kodak Coompany?
A) Samsung and IBM
B) Nokia and Microsoft
C) Google and Samsung
D) Google and Apple
46 US based food producer Cargill acquired Sunflower Vanaspati Edible Oil brand from which Indian company?
A) Dabur
B) Emami
C) Marico
D) Wipro
47 Which hollywood film became the first major studio film released at 48 frames per second (48fps)?
A) The Amazing Spiderman
B) The Dark Knight Rises
C) The Hobbit
D) Life of Pi
48 Who won the Women’s world championship in Chess in Dec 2012?
A) Antoaneta Stefanova
B) Natalia Zhukova
C) Anna Muzychuk
D) Anna Ushenina
49 Forbes Magazine has published the list of top 20 powerful persons in the world. Who topped the list?
A) Angela Merkel
B) Xi Jinping
C) Barack Obama
D) Sonia Gandhi
50 After successful voting, Palestine’s status in the UN has been upgraded to _________ in Nov 2012?
A) Observer State
B) Non-Member state
C) Member State
D) None of These






























Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 5 Answers

41 Ans) BSE
42 Ans) PVR Cinemas
43 Ans) 94th
44 Ans) India
45 Ans) Google and Apple
46 Ans) Wipro
47 Ans) The Hobbit
48 Ans) Anna Ushenina
49 Ans) Barack Obama
50 Ans) Observer State

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