Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 4

31 “World Day of the Handicapped” is observed on?
A) 22- Dec
B) 8-Dec
C) 1-Dec
D) 3-Dec
32 Who has become the first Arab to win the Tagore Peace Prize in Dec 2012?
A) Jamal Jumá
B) Salman Masalha
C) Shihab Ghanem
D) Saadi Youssef
33 Which Indian IT Company has become the only Indian IT company to be listed in the 100 key liaison service outsourcing companies by China in Dec 2012?
A) HCL Technologies
B) Wipro
D) Infosys
34 Who has been appointed as the first Woman head of the Industry body FICCI in Dec 2012?
A) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
B) Indra Noyi
C) Naina Lal Kidwai
D) Anu Aga
35 Best known as one of the inventors of the barcode, for which he received US Patent, he died recently in Dec 2012. Name him?
A) Bernard Silver
B) Eugene Polley
C) William Goddard
D) Norman Joseph Woodland
36 Which Indian CEO has been named into the list of top 10 World’s best CEOs by the Harvard Business Review in Dec 2012?
A) A M Naik
B) Mukesh Ambani
C) Y C Deveshwar
D) Chanda Kochchar
37 Which company has invented airbag for the smart phones to protect them from sudden fall?
A) Samsung
B) Apple
C) Amazon
D) Nokia
38 Which Indian IT Outsourcing Company has recently published advertisement in leading US news papers in Dec 2012 and invited US companies to switch to “Business Outcome Model” compared to current T&M Model?
A) Mindtree
B) Hexaware
C) iGate
D) Wipro
39 “Indian Navy Day” is observed on?
A) 4-Dec
B) 9-Dec
C) 14-Dec
D) 20-Dec
40 Which of the following typhoon has created huge devastation and havoc in Philippines in Dec 2012?
A) Typhoon Nesat
B) Typhoon Nina
C) Typhoon Parma
D) Typhoon Bopha
















Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 4 Answers

31 Ans) 3-Dec
32 Ans) Shihab Ghanem
33 Ans) Infosys
34 Ans) Naina Lal Kidwai
35 Ans) Norman Joseph Woodland
36 Ans) Y C Deveshwar
37 Ans) Amazon
38 Ans) iGate
39 Ans) 4-Dec
40 Ans) Typhoon Bopha

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