Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 3

21 Which country won the Men’s title of the Kabaddi world cup held in Dec 2012?
A) Pakistan
B) India
C) Malaysia
D) China
22 Which IT Services Company acquired six companies of the C1 Group, Germany based consulting firms, in December 2012?
A) HCL Technologies
B) Cognizant
C) Wipro
23 The RBI has recently issued guidelines to migrate to new Cheque clearing system named CTS in which cheques will be cleared electronically through an encrypted and highly secure gateway. What is full form of CTS?
A) Cheque Transfer System
B) Cheque Trancation System
C) Cheque Turn-around System
D) Cheque Transfer Services
24 Delhi government has recently announced a three digit helpline number for the Women in distress/problems. What is the new Women helpline number?
A) 111
B) 181
C) 161
D) 199
25 After the recent gang rape incident in Delhi in Dec 2012, a judicial committee headed by __________, a former Chief Justice of India, was appointed by the Central government to submit a report, within 30 days, to suggest amendments to criminal law to sternly deal with sexual assault cases.?
A) K.G Balakrishnan
B) A.S. Sharma
C) J. S. Verma
D) A.M. Ahmadi
26 The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has suspended which football club from I-League for 2 years in December for not playing a match after interval in kolkata?
A) Dempo
C) Mohun Bagan
D) Salgaokar
27 Cyrus Mistry has been appointed as the New Chairman of Tata Group. He is the ___ Chairman of Tata Group with first one being Jamsedji Tata.
A) 5th
B) 6th
C) 7th
D) 8th
28 Which Global steel company has recently committed to the Socialist French Government in Dec 2012 that it will not lay off any worker and bring fresh investment to avoid nationalization of its steel plant at Florange in France?
A) Tata Steel
C) Nippon Steel
D) ArcelorMittal
29 Former Cricket Player and famous Commentator, Tony Greig passed away in December 2012. He played Cricket for which country?
A) New Zealand
B) Australia
C) South Africa
D) England
30 Which Australian former Fast Bowler will be inducted into the ICC Cricket hall of Fame in Jan 2013, as per announcement by ICC in Dec 2012?
A) Bret Lee
B) Glenn McGrath
C) Craig McDermott
D) Dennis Lillee
















Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 3 Answers

21 Ans) India
22 Ans) Cognizant
23 Ans) Cheque Trancation System
24 Ans) 181
25 Ans)  J. S. Verma
26 Ans) Mohun Bagan
27 Ans) 6th
28 Ans) ArcelorMittal
29 Ans) England
30 Ans) Glenn McGrath

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