Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 12

111 The Planning Commission has projected ___ economic growth for the 12th Plan finalized in Dec 2012?
A) 8.7%
B) 8%
C) 9%
D) 8.2%
112 Which Indian state became the fastest growing state in India with GDP growth rate of 10.9% between 2006 and 2010, as per the data published by the Planning Commission of India in Dec 2012?
A) Maharashtra
B) Gujarat
C) Bihar
D) Haryana
113 Veteran Congress leader Virbhadra Singh was sworn-in as Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh for a record _____ term after Congress getting absolute majority in the recently completed assembly election held in Dec 2012.
A) sixth
B) Seventh
C) Fourth
D) Fifth
114 The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved sale of its 12.5% stake in which state run company in Dec 2012?
115 Who has been appointed as the new Director General (DG) of National Security Guard (NSG) in Dec 2012?
A) Arvind Ranjan
B) Mahboob Alam
C) Subhas Joshi
D) Ranjit Sinha
116 Which bollywood actress has signed on to be the new ambassador of skincare product Garnier in Dec 2012?
A) Anushka Sharma
B) Kareena Kapoor
C) Priyanka Chopra
D) Deepika Padukone
117 Who has been appointed as the President of Dell Services, Indian arm of the computer-maker in Dec 2012?
A) Girish Paranjpe
B) Suresh Vaswani
C) Ashok Soota
D) None of These
118 Best known as one of the inventors of the barcode, for which he received US Patent, he died recently in Dec 2012. Name him?
A) Bernard Silver
B) Eugene Polley
C) William Goddard
D) Norman Joseph Woodland
119 Who has been appointed as the Secretary of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) in Dec 2012?
A) K R Kamat
B) V. P. Shett
C) MS Sahoo
D) O P Bhatt
120 Famous Political leader Nityand Swami passed away in Dec 2012. Hhe was first Chief Minister of which Indian state?
A) Uttarakhand
B) Chattishgarh
C) Jharkhand
D) Madhya Pradesh

























Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 12 Answers

111 Ans) 8%
112 Ans) Bihar
113 Ans) sixth
114 Ans) Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers (RCF)
115 Ans) Arvind Ranjan
116 Ans) Deepika Padukone
117 Ans) Suresh Vaswani
118 Ans) Norman Joseph Woodland
119 Ans) MS Sahoo
120 Ans) Uttarakhand

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