Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 1

1 Time Magazine named whom as the “Person of the Year 2012” in December 2012?
A) Hu Jintao
B) Bill Gates
C) Malala Yousufzai
D) Barack Obama
2 Which company has recently sold 9.1% stake in Tech Mahindra in order to exit from the IT services company in Dec 2012?
A) Accenture
B) Cap Gemini
C) British Telecom
3 The World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef have suspended Polio operation in which country after attack and killing of its people engaged in the service in Dec 2012?
A) Syria
B) Afghanistan
C) Pakistan
D) Iran
4 India’s legendary musician Pandis Ravi Shankar passed away in Dec 2012. Which instrument he played which made him famoud worldwide?
A) Veena
B) Sarod
C) Guitar
D) Sitar
5 The Sun Group which recently bought Hyderabad IPL team, unveiled the name of the team as _______ in Dec 2012?
A) Sun Chargers
B) Sunrisers
C) Sun Smarters
D) None of These
6 Which Global bank has been fined USD 1.9 billion by the US Authorities in Dec 2012 for its alleged involvement in money laundering activities?
A) Barclay’s Bank
C) Standard Chartered
7 What is the name of Italy’t Prime Minister who has resigned in December 2012, making way for fresh election?
A) Lucas Papademos
B) Silvio Berlusconi
C) Mario Monti
D) Giorgio Napolitano
8 Which bollywood actor was awarded with the prestiguous Medal of Honour by the Prince of Morocco during the 12th Marrakech Internation Flim Festival in Dec 2012?
A) Hrithik Roshan
B) Amir Khan
C) Shahrukh Khan
D) Amitabh Bachchan
9 India’s iconic sportsperson Leslie Walter Claudius passed away in Dec 2012. He was a player of?
A) Hockey
B) Football
C) Cricket
D) Tennis
10 What is the name of the new service launched by the EPFO where the PF subscribers can now access their online account statement?
A) e-PFaccount
B) e-Passbook
C) e-PFbook
D) E-PFOnline


















Current Affairs Dec 2012 Quiz – 1 Answers

1 Ans) Barack Obama
2 Ans) British Telecom
3 Ans) Pakistan
4 Ans) Sitar
5 Ans) Sunrisers
6 Ans) HSBC
7 Ans) Mario Monti
8 Ans) Shahrukh Khan
9 Ans) Hockey
10 Ans) e-Passbook

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