Current Affairs August 2017 Quiz - 7

61Veteran Congress leader and former Speaker of West Bengal Assembly ______________________has passed away at the age of 92.
 A) Gyan Singh Sohanpal
 B) Santosh Mohan Dev
 C) Mohansinh Rathwa
 D) Prem Kumar Dhumal
62Senior bureaucrat____________________, presently Principal Secretary to Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has been appointed as an Executive Director in the World Bank in the US.
 A) Vinod Chaubey
 B) S Aparna
 C) K. Vijay Kumar
 D) Alok Verma
63____________________ an Indian businessman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been honoured with UAE-s prestigious Community Service Medal.
 A) Firoz Merchant
 B) Larry Merchant
 C) Lisa Merchant,
 D) Pana Merchant
64 ___________________has powered to the 110 metres hurdles title at the World Athletics Championships in London.
 A) Ellyse Perry
 B) Alwin Francis
 C) Omar McLeod
 D) Rene Farrell
65India has celebrated the ____________________ anniversary of the Quit India Movement.
 A) 75th
 B) 80th
 C) 100th
 D) 65th
66_______________________ has been signed as a brand ambassador by a health and wellness startup in a deal worth Rs 100 crore.
 A) Hritik Roshan
 B) Amir Khan
 C) Salman Khan
 D) Amitabh Bachhan
67Indian-origin actor ___________________ is to be honored by a leading educational organization for making a -transformative and positive- difference for the future of Asia and the world.
 A) Dev Patel
 B) Raj Kapoor
 C) Rishi Kapoor
 D) Rajesh Khanna
68Private sector lender____________________Bank has partnered with digital payments company Zeta to launch -IDFC Bank Benefits-.
69Direct tax collections till July in the current financial year have registered a growth of____________________.
 A) 19 %
 B) 15%
 C) 12%
 D) 21%
70___________________ Auto and Triumph Motorcycles of UK have announced a global partnership to build a range of mid-capacity motorcycles.
 A) Bajaj
 C) Suzuki

61Ans) Gyan Singh Sohanpal
62Ans) S Aparna
63Ans) Firoz Merchant
64Ans) Omar McLeod
65Ans) 75th
66Ans) Hritik Roshan
67Ans) Dev Patel
68Ans) IDFC
69Ans) 19 %
70Ans) Bajaj

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