Current Affairs August 2017 Quiz - 20

191India has won the South Asian Football Federation ( SAFF) ____________________ Championship.
 A) Under 10
 B) Under 15
 C) Under 17
 D) Under 16
192Dhruv Garg, a 13-year-old Indian-origin boy in the UK has got the highest possible score of ____________________ on a Mensa IQ test.
 A) 162
 B) 152
 C) 150
 D) 145
193According to a report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) the island of Tuvalu was the least visited country in _____________________.
 A) 2016
 B) 2017
 C) 2018
 D) 2015-16
194The Year's fourth and final Grand Slam Tennis tournament, the US Open has begun at Flushing Meadows in___________________.
 A) New York
 B) Switzerland
 C) Phinland
 D) Italy
195Mercedes' British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has registered his _______________ career race win after claiming the Belgian Grand Prix title.
 A) 58th
 B) 57th
 C) 56th
 D) 47th
196Barcelona forward____________________ has become the first ever player to score 350 goals in La Liga.
 A) Lionel Messi
 B) Kristiano Ronaldo
 C) Neymer
 D) Kaka
197The National Sports day is celebrated on ___________________August.
 A) 29th
 B) 25th
 C) 24th
 D) 26th
198Bureaucrat ____________________has taken the charge as the new commissioner of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC).
 A) Ranbir Singh
 B) Ranbir Kapoor
 C) Amir Khan
 D) Ajay Dengan
199________________________ a transwoman from Kolkata has been crowned as the first Miss TransQueen India.
 A) Nitasha Biswas
 B) Indira Banerjee
 C) Jasti Chelameswar
 D) Ranjan Gogoi
200National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), the technology transfer and commercialization arm of the Ministry of Science & Technology has won Assocham Services Excellence Award ___________________.
 A) 2016
 B) 2017
 C) 2015
 D) 2015-16

191Ans) Under 15
192Ans) 162
193Ans) 2016
194Ans) New York
195Ans) 58th
196Ans) Lionel Messi
197Ans) 29th
198Ans) Ranbir Singh
199Ans) Nitasha Biswas,
200Ans) 2017

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