Current Affairs August 2017 Quiz - 16

151Telangana Chief Minister ____________________has been selected for the prestigious Agriculture Leadership Award-2017.
 A) K Chandrashekhar Rao
 B) Sri Kadiyam Srihari
 C) Sri Md. Mohamood Ali
 D) Sri Jogu Ramanna
152The __________________ continent created history in the World Dwarf Games by winning a record haul of medals.
 A) Indian
 B) Asian
 C) European
 D) American
153_______________________has won a bronze medal in the double trap event at the ISSF Junior Shotgun World Cup in Porpetto, Italy.
 A) Sri Kadiyam Srihari
 B) Teenager Shapath Bharadwaj
 C) Abhinaba Bindra
 D) Andy Murray
154Former _________________advocate general M K Damodaran has passed away at the age of 77.
 A) Kerala
 B) Tamilnadu
 C) Karnataka
 D) Telengana
155_____________________has passed away at the age of 77.
 A) Somnath Chatterjee
 B) Rabi Ray
 C) Madan Chaudhuri
 D) PVRK Prasad
156__________________, a 12-year-old Indian-origin boy has been crowned as the UK-s -Child Genius- in a popular television quiz competition.
 A) Rahul Doshi
 B) Pankaj Jain
 C) S Ravi
 D) Mahesh Kumar Jain
157__________________ would be hosting the summit of Group of Seven Interior Ministers to discuss on security matters.
 A) Italy
 B) Luxembourg
 C) Netherland
 D) Belgium
158A team of _______________British scientists have developed Versius, the world-s smallest surgical robot which could transform daily operations for tens of thousands of patients.
 A) 200
 B) 150
 C) 100
 D) 120
159American Tennis PlayerP____________________has topped the Forbes- list of highest paid female athletes of 2017.
 A) Venus Williams
 B) Serena Williams
 C) Mareena Sarapova
 D) Saina Nehwal
160Veteran American entertainer ______________________has passed away at the age 91.
 A) Jerry Lewis
 B) Lenin Moreno
 C) Jorge Glas
 D) Néstor Kirchner

151Ans) K Chandrashekhar Rao
152Ans) Indian
153Ans) Teenager Shapath Bharadwaj
154Ans) Kerala
155Ans) PVRK Prasad
156Ans) Rahul Doshi
157Ans) Italy
158Ans) 100
159Ans) Serena Williams
160Ans) Jerry Lewis

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