Current Affairs August 2016 Quiz - 6

51The Finance Ministry has notified an inflation target of _________ with a range of 2% for the next five years in Aug 2016.
A) 3%
B) 4%
C) 4.5%
D) 5%
52Who has stepped down from private sector lender IDFC Bank-s board in Aug 2016?
A) Shashi Kant Sharma
B) Heisnam Kanhailal
C) D. Nageshwar Reddy
D) Vinod Rai

53Famous _________ litterateur Mahim Bora has passed away in Aug 2016.
A) Bhojpuri
B) Assamese
C) Bengali
D) Odiya
54In a historic referendum, __________ voters have approved a new draft constitution which gives extra powers to the military.
A) Mayanmar
B) Thailand
C) Vietnum
D) Malaysia
55Shiva Thapa was awarded with Arjuna Award 2016. He belongs to which Discipline?
A) Boxing
B) Badminton
C) Archery
D) Athletics
56Indian gymnast ____________ became the lone Indian ever to qualify for the finals of Artistic Gymnastics after completing the qualifying round though she grabbed the 8th position to advance to the finals.
A) Sakshi Malik
B) Dipa Karmakar
C) P. V. Sindhu
D) Deepika Kumari
57The second National Handloom Day was observed across the country on _________.
A) 2-Aug
B) 3-Aug
C) 7-Aug
D) 11-Aug
58"Photography Day" is observed on __________________.
A) 21-August
B) 16-August
C) 19-August
D) 18-August
59IDFC Bank has appointed former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) deputy governor _________ to the bank's board in Aug 2016.
A) Anand Sinha
B) R Gandhi
C) Harun Rashid Khan
D) Subir Gokarn
60Gurpreet Singh was awarded with Arjuna Award 2016. He belongs to which Discipline?
A) Boxing
B) Shooting
C) Archery
D) Athletics

51Ans) 4%
52Ans) Vinod Rai
53Ans) Assamese
54Ans) Thailand
55Ans) Boxing
56Ans) Dipa Karmakar
57Ans) 7-Aug
58Ans) 19-August
59Ans) Anand Sinha
60Ans) Shooting

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