Current Affairs August 2016 Quiz - 4

31Global Tech giant Microsoft has appointed ________ as the next President of its Indian operation with effective from 1st September.
 A) Chandramouli Venkatesan
 B) Deepak Iyer
 C) Anant Maheshwari
 D) Bhaskar Pramanik
32The Bank of England cut interest rates for the first time since 2009 today by 25 bps to all-time low of _________ and announced its plan to buy 60 billion pounds of government debt in order to ease after affect following Brexit vote.
 A) 0.15%
 B) 0.25%
 C) 0.35%
 D) 0.5%

33"International Youth Day" is observed on __________________.
 A) 21-August
 B) 16-August
 C) 12 -August
 D) 18-August
34The Reserve Bank of India has kept Reverse Repo rate unchanged at  ________ during its thurd bi-monthly monetary policy review meeting for fiscal year 2016-17 in August 2016.
 A) 5.75%
 B) 5.5%
 C) 5.25%
 D) 6%
35Sylvanus Dung was awarded with Dhyan Chand Award 2016. He belongs to which Discipline?
 A) Wrestling
 B) Badminton
 C) Hockey
 D) Shooting
36Who has been elected as the new chair of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)-s Athletes- Commission in Aug 2016?
 A) U?ur Erdener
 B) Juan Antonio Samaranch
 C) Claudia Bokel
 D) Angela Ruggiero
37Rajya Sabha has passed the long pending GST (Constitution 122nd amendment) bill in Aug 2016. Full form of GST?
 A) Goods and Sales Tax
 B) Gross Services Tax
 C) Goods and Services Tax
 D) Goods sub Tax
38"Quit India Day" is observed on __________________.
 A) 8-August
 B) 6-August
 C) 9-August
 D) 18-August
39The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has formed a committee, headed by _________, Professor of Financial Economics, University of Oxford, to look at the various facets of household finance in India and to benchmark India-s position compared to other peer and advanced countries.
 A) Tarun Ramadorai
 B) Gopal Mukherjee
 C) Ratan P Watal
 D) Sudharshan Sen
40Rajat Chauhan was awarded with Arjuna Award 2016. He belongs to which Discipline?
 A) Rowing
 B) Badminton
 C) Archery
 D) Athletics

31Ans) Anant Maheshwari
32Ans) 0.25%
33Ans) 12 -August
34Ans) 6%
35Ans) Hockey
36Ans) Angela Ruggiero
37Ans) Goods and Services Tax
38Ans) 9-August
39Ans) Tarun Ramadorai
40Ans) Archery

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