Current Affairs August 2016 Quiz - 20

191Who has assumed charge as new Chairman of Central Silk Board, Union Ministry of Textiles, for a period of three years?
 A) K M Hanumantharayappa
 B) N S Bissegowda
 C) Madhav Chitale
 D) Buddha Rashmi Mani
192Popular southern actress ________ has passed away at age 63 in Aug 2016.
 A) Vijaya Lakshmi
 B) Jyothi Lakshmi
 C) Jayamalini
 D) None of These

193India-s first repository on tigers will be set up by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) under its new Tiger Cell at __________.
 A) Pune
 B) Dehradun
 C) Kanpur
 D) Guwahati
194_________, who received an Oscar nomination for directing the blockbuster romantic tragedy -Love Story- passed away. He was 92.
 A) Ryan O'Neal
 B) Arthur Hiller
 C) Gene Wilder
 D) John Marley
195________, a motorcycle finance company, has partnered with India Post to facilitate purchase of vehicles in Karnataka.
 A) Mahindra Finance Limited
 B) Bajaj Finance Limited
 C) Reliance Capital
 D) None of These
196Late _______ director Abbas Kiarostami has been selected for the Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award at the Busan International Film Festival.
 A) Iranian
 B) Iraqi
 C) Arabian
 D) Afghan
197Eminent scientist _______ was appointed as Vice Chancellor of Mumbai-based Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI).
 A) K N Vyas
 B) P D Gupta
 C) P Shanmugam
 D) Kamlesh Nilkanth
198India-s 100-year-old athlete, __________ has won Gold medal at the American Masters Games in the 100-meter dash. She took a minute-and-a-half to cross the finish line in Vancouver
 A) Fauja Singh
 B) Man Kaur
 C) Gurpreet Kaur
 D) None of These
199Under the Government-s initiative of affordable LEDs for all (UJALA) scheme, ________ has become the 1st state to distribute 2 crore LED bulbs in Aug 2016.
 A) Gujarat
 B) Maharashtra
 C) Karnataka
 D) Kerala
200Which Indian state has cleared a proposal to change its existing name?
 A) Maharashtra
 B) Haryana
 C) Karnataka
 D) West Bengal

191Ans) K M Hanumantharayappa
192Ans) Jyothi Lakshmi
193Ans) Dehradun
194Ans) Arthur Hiller
195Ans) Bajaj Finance Limited
196Ans) Iranian
197Ans) P D Gupta
198Ans) Man Kaur
199Ans) Gujarat
200Ans) West Bengal

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