Current Affairs August 2016 Quiz - 14

131The State Bank of India (SBI) board has approved merger of its ______ associate banks and Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB) in Aug 2016.
 A) three
 B) four
 C) five
 D) six
132_________, Chairman and MD, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), has been awarded as the Most Enterprising CEO in Electronics Sector by the Indo Global Business Council (IGBC).
 A) SK Sharma
 B) Nimesh Kampani
 C) Subhanu Saxena
 D) Umang Vohra

133Who has been awarded Ustad Chand Khan Lifetime Achievement Award by the Delhi Gharana in Aug 2016?
 A) Hariprasad Chaurasia
 B) Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
 C) Zakir Hussain
 D) Amjad Ali Khan
134Famous Hindi author _______ was awarded the prestigious 25th Vyas Samman 2015, instituted by the K K Birla Foundation, for her poetry collection "Kshama".
 A) Sunita Jain
 B) Ravuri Bharadwaja
 C) Dr Kedarnath Singh
 D) Gopaldas Neeraj
13531st Summer Olympics, hosted in Rio de Janeiro ended after 16 days of sporting spectacle with 11,000 participants from 205 countries. Which country won maximum medal?
 A) China
 C) UK
 D) Germany
136The pharmaceutical giant _______ acquired US cancer drug firm, Medivation, for about USD 14 billion in Aug 2016.
 A) Bayers
 B) Pfizer
 D) Cipla
137India has been ranked at _________ in terms of fixed broadband adoption in the list of 53 Asia Pacific countries, as per recently released report -State of ICT in Asia and the Pacific 2016: Uncovering the Widening Broadband Divide-.
 A) 31st
 B) 39th
 C) 45th
 D) 50th
138Justice __________ was sworn in as the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court in Aug 2016.
 A) Justice Ranjan Gogoi
 B) Justice Prafulla C Pant
 C) Justice Sanjay Mishra
 D) Justice Manjula Chellur
139Who took oath as the new Punjab Governor and also as Administrator of Chandigarh in Aug 2016?
 A) Najma Heptulla
 B) Jagdish Mukhi
 C) Banwarilal Purohit
 D) VP Singh Badnore
140Indian Olympic Association (IOA) President, ___________ was awarded the Olympic Order for his outstanding services to the Olympic movement.
 A) Abhay Singh Chautala
 B) N. Ramachandran
 C) Akhilesh Das
 D) Anil Khanna

131Ans) five
132Ans) SK Sharma
133Ans) Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
134Ans) Sunita Jain
135Ans) USA
136Ans) Pfizer
137Ans) 39th
138Ans) Manjula Chellur
139Ans) VP Singh Badnore
140Ans) N. Ramachandran

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