Current Affairs August 2016 Quiz - 10

91GST aims to create a uniform tax regime throughout the country, and it now awaits the ratification of at least ___________ states to make it a law.
 A) 12
 B) 15
 C) 18
 D) 20
92Which company topped the list of the world-s 100 most innovative companies published by Forbes magazine in Aug 2016?
 A) Alexion Pharmaceuticals
 B) Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
 C) Tesla Motors

93Justice ____________ has been appointed as the next Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court.
 A) Justice Ranjan Gogoi
 B) Justice Prafulla C Pant
 C) Justice Sanjay Mishra
 D) Justice Manjula Chellur
94Retail inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index, stood at _______ in July this year.
 A) 6.07%
 B) 5.18%
 C) 5.77%
 D) 6.81%
95Global retail furniture giant Ikea has laid the foundation for its first store in India in _______ in Aug 2016.
 A) Mumbai
 B) Bangalore
 C) Hyderabad
96Indian leading pharma company Cipla Limited has appointed ________ as the managing director (MD) & global chief executive officer (CEO) of the company effective 1st September this year.
 A) Manish Tandon
 B) Nimesh Kampani
 C) Subhanu Saxena
 D) Umang Vohra
97______________ has been elected Chairman of the leading co- operative banker, Saraswat Bank which is an urban co-operative banking institution based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and operating as a co-operative bank since 1918
 A) Gautam Eknath Thakur
 B) Nimesh Kampani
 C) Anant Maheshwari
 D) Dinesh Kumar Khara
98World Elephant Day is observed on _________ across the globe. It is an international annual event and is dedicated towards the preservation and protection of the world's elephants.
 A) 12-August
 B) 15-August
 C) 22-August
 D) 30-August
99Jamaica's speedster _________ retained his coveted title "Fastest man alive on the planet" after he won the 100m Final of Rio Olympics last week. He recorded his season best time of 9.81 seconds to win the Gold medal.
 A) Asafa Powell
 B) Yohan Blake
 C) Usain Bolt
 D) Justin Gatlin
100India-s ranking jumped by 15 positions to become the ________ most innovative nation in the world, as per Global Innovation Index ranking published by the Paris-based business school Insead, Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, a United Nations agency
 A) 34th
 B) 52nd
 C) 66th
 D) 78th

91Ans) 15
92Ans) Tesla Motors
93Ans) Justice Manjula Chellur
94Ans) 6.07%
95Ans) Hyderabad
96Ans) Umang Vohra
97Ans) Gautam Eknath Thakur
98Ans) 12-August
99Ans) Usain Bolt
100Ans) 66th

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