Current Affairs August 2015 Quiz - 6

51Rohit Sharma was chosen among the 17 sportspersons picked for this year's Arjuna awards in Aug 2015. He belongs to which sports?
 A) Cricket
 B) Football
 C) Shooting
 D) Athelete
52Who was ranked at number 1 position with net worth of USD 79.6 billion in the list of Forbes- -Top 100 richest people in technology- published in Aug 2015?
 A) Larry Ellison
 B) Jeff Bezos
 C) Mark Zuckerberg
 D) Bill Gates

53The Reserve Bank of India has kept marginal standing facility (MSF) rate unchanged at  ________ during its announcement of third bi-monthly monetary policy review in August 2015.
 A) 8.75%
 B) 9%
 C) 8%
 D) 8.25%
54Only 2 Indians were included in the top 20 of Forbes- -Top 100 richest people in technology- published in Aug 2015. They are ___________.
 A) Azim Premji and NR Narayana Murthy
 B) Azim Premji and Shiv Nadar
 C) Azim Premji and Nandan Nilekani
 D) None of These
55India's Index of Industrial Production (IIP), the most important parameter to judge performance of industrial sector, growth stood at ________ in June 2015 (published in Aug 2015).
 A) -0.5%
 B) 2.6%
 C) 4.1%
 D) 3.8%
56"International Day of the World-s Indigenous Peoples" is observed on __________________.
 A) 8-August
 B) 6-August
 C) 9-August
 D) 18-August
57_____________ got accredited by the Green Climate Fund as a national implementing entity for undertaking climate change related projects in India in Aug 2015.
58Larsen and Toubro has appointed former Infosys executive __________ as the Managing Director and CEO of its subsidiary L&T Infotech, which is the IT arm of manufacturing and industrial conglomerate L&T, in Aug 2015.
 A) Sanjay Jalona
 B) Chandrasekhar Kakkal
 C) BG Srinivas
 D) Ashok Vemuri
59who won his 13th world title after winning the World 6-Red Snooker Championship held in Aug 2015?
 A) Yan Bingtao
 B) Geet Sethi
 C) Pankaj Advani
 D) Aditya Mehta
60India's Retail inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), stood at _______ in July 2015 (announced in Aug 2015).
 A) 4.2%
 B) 3.78%
 C) 5.4%
 D) 6.11%

51Ans) Cricket
52Ans) Bill Gates
53Ans) 8.25%
54Ans) Azim Premji and Shiv Nadar
55Ans) 3.8%
56Ans) 18-August
58Ans) Sanjay Jalona
59Ans) Pankaj Advani
60Ans) 3.78%

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