Current Affairs August 2015 Quiz - 14

131New Delhi-s _____________ was renamed as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam road by the New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC in Aug 2015.
 A) Akbar road
 B) Shahjahan Road
 C) Aurangzeb road
 D) Babur road
132Famous Indian agricultural scientist __________ has been chosen for the inaugural Sunhak Peace Prize for his pioneering work in the blue revolution in Aug 2015. He will receive the Prize in Seoul along with President of Kiribati Islands Anote Tong.
 A) Modadugu Vijay Gupta
 B) Ashutosh Maurya
 C) S.Hari Senthil Kumar
 D) Ajin Mandaokar

133Which Indian private sector bank has launched the new home loan plan named as 'Saral-Rural Housing Loan' in Aug 2015?
 A) ICICI Bank
 B) Yes Bank
 C) HDFC Bank
 D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
134International Lefthanders day is observed on _________
 A) 13-Aug
 B) 20-Aug
 C) 12-Aug
 D) 15-Aug
135Indian women-s hockey team has been qualified for Olympics after a long gap of __________ as it has qualified for next year-s Rio Games after making it to the final of the ongoing EuroHockey Championships in London.
 A) 48 years
 B) 24 years
 C) 36 years
 D) 32 years
136Who was awarded with the Peter Mackler Award 2015 in Aug 2015?
 A) Rania Abouzeid
 B) Yasemin Congar
 C) Zaina Erhaim
 D) Zeina Khodr
137Which Indian IT services company has launched its new services named as 'Aikido' in Aug 2015?
 A) Infosys
 B) Wipro
 D) HCL Tech
138The government has appointed _________________ as the new Home Secretary in Aug 2015.
 A) Raghav Chandra
 B) L.C. Goyal
 C) Rajiv Mehrishi
 D) Vijay Chhibber
139Who took over as the Chairman of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) in Aug 2015.
 A) Raghav Chandra
 B) L.C. Goyal
 C) Rajiv Mehrishi
 D) Vijay Chhibber
140Indian economy grew by _________ in the first quarter of the current fiscal year 2015-16 (announced in Aug 2015).
 A) 7.3%
 B) 6.5%
 C) 7%
 D) 7.8%

131Ans) Aurangzeb road
132Ans) Modadugu Vijay Gupta
133Ans) ICICI Bank
134Ans) 13-Aug
135Ans) 36 years
136Ans) Zaina Erhaim
137Ans) Infosys
138Ans) Rajiv Mehrishi
139Ans) Raghav Chandra
140Ans) 7%

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