Current Affairs August 2015 Quiz - 12

111Famous actor-director ____________ was appointed as chairman of India-s Oscar jury in Aug 2015 He led the 17-member jury to select India's official entry for OSCAR.
 A) Anupam Kher
 B) Amol Palekar
 C) Raju Hirani
 D) None of These
112Who  won the Cincinnati Masters Men-s Singles title held in Aug 2015?
 A) Roger Federer
 B) Novak Djokovic
 C) Andy Murray
 D) Rafael Nadal

113Syria-based woman journalist ____________ was chosen for the prestigious 2015 Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism in Aug 2015.
 A) Rania Abouzeid
 B) Yasemin Congar
 C) Zaina Erhaim
 D) Zeina Khodr
114Who  won the Cincinnati Masters Women-s Singles title held in Aug 2015?
 A) Maria Sharapova
 B) Caroline Wozniacki
 C) Garbine Muguruza
 D) Serena Williams
115Athlete and famous sprinter ____________ has won world 100 metre title in the World Athletics Championships held in Beijing, China in Aug 2015. He completed 100 metre run in 9.79 seconds which is the season-s best timing.
 A) Yohan Blake
 B) Justin Gatlin
 C) Usain Bolt
 D) Asafa Powell
116Justice ______________ has appointed as the new Lokayukta of Maharashtra in Aug 2015.
 A) PB Gaikwad
 B) D.P. Buch
 C) Madanlal Laxmandas Tahaliyani
 D) None of These
117The Reserve Bank of India has provided approval to Yes Bank for re-appointment of Yes Bank co-founder _____________ as MD and CEO of the bank for 3 years in Aug 2015.
 A) Rana Kapoor
 B) Rakesh Sharma
 C) P S jayakumar
 D) Shikha Sharma
118Central government has awarded Dronacharya Awards to coach Naval Singh in Aug 2015. He is associated with which sports?
 A) Boxing
 B) Athletics Para-sports
 C) Wrestling
 D) Swimming
119World Elephant Day is observed on _________ across the globe. It is an international annual event and is dedicated towards the preservation and protection of the world's elephants.
 A) 12-August
 B) 15-August
 C) 22-August
 D) 30-August
120Central government has awarded Dhyan Chand Award 2015 to sportsperson Romeo James in Aug 2015. He is associated with which sports?
 A) Volleyball
 B) Hockey
 C) Wrestling
 D) Tennis

111Ans) Amol Palekar
112Ans) Roger Federer
113Ans) Zaina Erhaim
114Ans) Serena Williams
115Ans) Usain Bolt
116Ans) Madanlal Laxmandas Tahaliyani
117Ans) Rana Kapoor
118Ans) Athletics Para-sports
119Ans) 12-August
120Ans) Hockey

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