Current Affairs August 2015 Quiz - 1

1Which tech company has acquired style-tip specialist Polyvore for an undisclosed sum in Aug 2015?
 A) Microsoft
 B) Google
 C) Yahoo
 D) Facebook
2Who has been appointed as the next Dean of Indian School of Business (ISB), in Aug 2015?
 A) Ajit Rangnekar
 B) Rekha M Menon
 C) Rajendra Srivastava
 D) Rajan S Katoch

3India-s 14 year old ___________ won two gold medals in 300 metre and 500 metre Roller Skating events in the Special Olympics World Summer Games held at Los Angeles, USA in Aug 2015.
 A) Jeevan Akoaskar
 B) Prabhroop Sekhon
 C) A Ahmad
 D) Avinash Avi
4Sania Mirza has been recommended for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in Aug 2015. She belongs to which sports?
 A) Shooting
 B) Badminton
 C) Tennis
 D) Archery
5Global Credit Rating agency __________ has lowered its outlook on the European Union to -Negative- from existing outlook of -Stable- in Aug 2015 as it expects that the EU would provide first-loss guarantee support for financing connected to the Juncker investment plan
 A) Fitch
 B) Moody's
 C) Standard & Poor's
 D) None of These
6Famous ____________ of USA Lynn Anderson passed away in Aug 2015.
 A) Autor
 B) Actress
 C) Country singer
 D) Director
7Central government has awarded Dronacharya Awards to coach Swatantar Raj Singh in Aug 2015. He is associated with which sports?
 A) Boxing
 B) Athletics Para-sports
 C) Wrestling
 D) Swimming
8"Hiroshima Day" is observed on __________________.
 A) 8-August
 B) 6-August
 C) 9-August
 D) 18-August
9Mercedes-Benz has appointed ____________ as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of its India operations in Aug 2015.
 A) Eberhard Kern
 B) Joe King
 C) Roland S Folger
 D) Michael Perschke
10Indian women-s recurve archery team including members of Laxmirani Majhi, Deepika Kumari, and Rimil Buriuly won _________ medal in World Archery Championship held in Copenhagen, Denmark in Aug 2015.
 A) bronze
 B) gold
 C) silver
 D) None of These

1Ans) Yahoo
2Ans) Rajendra Srivastava
3Ans) Prabhroop Sekhon
4Ans) Tennis
5Ans) Standard & Poor's
6Ans) country singer
7Ans) Boxing
8Ans) 6-Aug
9Ans) Roland S Folger
10Ans) silver

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