Current Affairs August 2013 Quiz - 3

21Who has been appointed as the next governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in August 2013 (Took charge in Sep 2013)?
 A) Montek Singh Ahluwalia
 B) Kaushik Basu
 C) Abhijit Banerjee
 D) Raghuram Rajan
22Which Indian is all set to become the global CEO of the 2,245-million Italian sugar confectionery maker "Perfetti Van Melle", the first non-Italian to head the privately held firm?
 A) Sameer Suneja
 B) Sanjiv Mehta
 C) Santosh B Nayar
 D) None of These
23Telecommunication major Vodafone India in association with which bank has started a unique money transfer and payment service -M-Pesa- in August 2013?
 A) HDFC bank
 B) ICICI bank
 C) Axis Bank
 D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
24Who won the Gujar Mal Modi Award for Science and Technology 2013 in August 2013?
 A) Vinod Prakash Sharma
 B) Prof. P.Balaram
 C) Dr. Anil Kakodkar
 D) Prof. K.S. Valdiya
25Which Indian athlete won gold medal at the IWF World Masters weightlifting championships, held in Turin in August 2013?
 A) Mirabai Chanu Saikhom
 B) Akshay B. Gaikwad
 C) Sudhakar Jayant
 D) None of These
26Jeffrey P Bezos agreed to acquire the newspaper assets of the Washington Post Company for USD 250 million in August 2013. He is founder and Chief Executive Officer of which company?
 A) eBay
 B) Yahoo
 C) Amazon
 D) None of These
27Who took charge as the Executive Director of the Union Bank of India in August 2013?
 A) Rakesh Sethi
 B) R K Malla
 C) M S Raghavan
 D) Rajeev Rishi
28"World Senior Citizen-s Day" is observed on __________________.
 A) 8-August
 B) 6-August
 C) 9-August
 D) 18-August
29Parliament has approved the new Companies Bill in August 2013. As per the new bill, Companies have to spend at least ______ of their average profits in the last three years towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.
 A) 2.5%
 B) 1%
 C) 2%
 D) 3%
30Euro zone economic growth stood at __________ in the second quarter (April-June) of 2013.
 A) 0.1%
 B) 0.3%
 C) 0.2%
 D) 0.5%

Check below for answers..........
21Ans) Raghuram Rajan
22Ans) Sameer Suneja
23Ans) ICICI bank
24Ans) Vinod Prakash Sharma
25Ans) Sudhakar Jayant
26Ans) Amazon
27Ans) Rakesh Sethi
28Ans) 8-Aug
29Ans) 2%
30Ans) 0.3%