Current Affairs August 2013 Quiz - 13

121India's GDP growth stood at ___________ during the first quarter (April-June) of the current financial year 2012-13.
 A) 5.4%
 B) 4.8%
 C) 4.4%
 D) 5.1%
122Mahavir Singh received Dronacharya Awards - 2013 for Coaching in _______ discipline (Presented in August 2013)?
 A) Archery
 B) Boxing
 C) Hockey
 D) Wrestling
123Who was named as the Captain of the Asia Cup Hockey Tournament 2013 held in August-September 2013?
 A) Sardar Singh
 B) Sandeep Singh
 C) Shivendra Singh
 D) Sreejesh Ravindran
124Who in the list were the brand ambassadors of the first edition of Indian Badminton League (IBL)?
 A) Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan
 B) Priyanka Chopra and Aamir Khan
 C) Deepika Padukone and Aamir Khan
 D) Katrina kaif and Aamir Khan
125Who has been awarded with the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Society of Civil Engineers Environmental and Water Resources Institute (ASCE-EWRI) in August 2013?
 A) Vijay Singh
 B) Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty
 C) Rakesh Jain
 D) Rajiv Shah
126Who is author of the book "My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions"?
 A) Manmohan Singh
 B) N R Narayana Murthy
 C) APJ Abdul Kalam
 D) Dr. Homi J. Bhabha
127India surpassed ________ to become third largest Internet population, as per the the ComScore report published in August 2013.
 A) China
 B) Japan
 D) Brazil
128Who has been appointed as the chairman of the Ethics Commission of the International Weightlifting Federation in Beijing in August 2013?
 A) Birendra Prasad Baishya
 B) Karnam Malleswari
 C) Sahdev Yadav
 D) Satpal Singh
129State Government of Rajasthan laid the foundation stone for world's biggest solar park at Bhadla in August 2013. Bhadla is in which district?
 A) Jaisalemer
 B) Jodhpur
 C) Barmer
 D) Bikaner
130Who took charge as the chairman of the Intellectual Property Appellate Tribunal in August 2013?
 A) Justice T Meena Kumari
 B) Justice R C Gandhi
 C) Justice J Shome
 D) Justice K.N Basha

Check below for answers..........
121Ans) 4.4%
122Ans) Boxing
123Ans) Sardar Singh
124Ans) Deepika Padukone and Aamir Khan
125Ans) Vijay Singh
126Ans) APJ Abdul Kalam
127Ans) Japan
128Ans) Birendra Prasad Baishya
129Ans) Jodhpur
130Ans) Justice K.N Basha