Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 7

61 Which global IT company has unveiled a new logo after nearly 25 years in August 2012?
  A) IBM
  B) Oracle
  C) Accenture
  D) Microsoft
62 India’s Foreign direct investment (FDI) for June stood at?
  A) USD 1.24 billion
  B) USD 3 billion
  C) USD 5.66 billion
  D) USD 2.6 billion
63 With this U-19 world cup win in 2012, total how many times India’s U-19 team has won the U-19 Cricket world cup?
  A) 4
  B) 2
  C) 3
  D) 1
64 S astronaut Neil Armstrong, who became the first person to walk on the moon, has died recently. In which year, he landed on the Moon?
  A) 1979
  B) 1969
  C) 1971
  D) 1961
65 India’s GDP growth for first quarter of FY 2012-13 stood at?
  A) 5.3%
  B) 5%
  C) 6.5%
  D) 5.5%
66 India’s agricultural, forestry and fishing sector growth for first quarter of FY 2012-13 stood at?
  A) 3.7%
  B) 2.9%
  C) 3.1%
  D) -2.2%
67 Which Indian real estate company has recently announced to end its sponsorship with Indian Premier League as its title sponsor?
  A) Unitec
  B) DLF
  D) GMR Infra
68 US GDP growth for April-June quarter of FY 2012 stood at?
  A) 1.7%
  B) 2%
  C) 2.5%
  D) 1.5%
69 Fortune magazine has published the list of 100 most influential women in the world in August 2012. Who was ranked no 1 in the list?
  A) Hilary Clinton
  B) Angela Merkel
  C) Dilma Rousseff
  D) Sonia Gandhi
70 Which Country has successfully test-fired a new 14,000-km range inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) named as Dongfeng-41?
  A) France
  B) South Korea
  C) Russia
  D) China


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  1. Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 7 Answers

    61 Ans) Microsoft
    62 Ans) USD 1.24 billion
    63 Ans) 3
    64 Ans) 1969
    65 Ans) 5.5%
    66 Ans) 2.9%
    67 Ans) DLF
    68 Ans) 1.7%
    69 Ans) Angela Merkel
    70 Ans) China

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