Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 5

41 India’s IIP growth for June stood at?
  A) 2.8%
  B) 2.2%
  C) 1.8%
  D) -1.8%
42 Moody’s Analytics has cut India’s FY2012-13 growth forecast to?
  A) 6.25%
  B) 5%
  C) 5.5%
  D) 6.5%
43 Mary Kon won Olympic bronze medal in the London Olymics in which category?
  A) Women’s flyweight (61kg) category
  B) Women’s flyweight (55kg) category
  C) Women’s flyweight (51kg) category
  D) None of These
44 Which famous sportsperson has become the new brand ambassador of BMW?
  A) Virat Kohli
  B) M S Dhoni
  C) Saina Nehwal
  D) Sachin Tendulkar
45 Recently during its policy review meet in August 2012, RBI has cut SLR by 100 bos to?
  A) 23%
  B) 24%
  C) 8%
  D) 4.5%
46 India’s Trade deficit for July stood at?
  A) USD 12.5 billion
  B) USD 18 billion
  C) USD 15.5 billion
  D) USD 25.5 billion
47 Who has been appointed as new Chairman of Barclays Bank?
  A) Bob Diamond
  B) Marcus Agius
  C) David Walker
  D) Antony Jenkins
48 Which country topped the medal tally with total 104 medals in the recently concluded London Olympics 2012?
  A) China
  B) UK
  C) USA
  D) Germany
49 Vilasrao Deshmukh passed away on 14th August, He was the Union Minister for?
  A) Information Technology
  B) Science and Technology and Earth Sciences
  C) Rural Development and Environment
  D) Power
50 Which Satyajit Ray film has been included in the list of 50 greatest film of all time based on the voting conducted by the British Film Institute recently?
  A) Agantuk
  B) Sakha Prashakha
  C) Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen
  D) Pather Panchali


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  1. Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 5 Answers

    41 Ans) -1.8%
    42 Ans) 5.5%
    43 Ans) Women’s flyweight (51kg) category
    44 Ans) Sachin Tendulkar
    45 Ans) 23%
    46 Ans) USD 15.5 billion
    47 Ans) David Walker
    48 Ans) USA
    49 Ans) Science and Technology and Earth Sciences
    50 Ans) Pather Panchali

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