Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 4

31 The Supreme Court has ordered which Indian group to return more than Rs 17,400 crore to return to the investors as it fails to satisty the regulatory requirements?
  A) Reliane
  B) Sahara
  C) Tata
  D) SKS Microfinance
32 India’s physicist Ashoke Sen has recently won the first Fundamental Physics Prize started by billionaire Yuri Milner with Prize value of USD 3 Million. Yuri Milner is from?
  A) UK
  B) Germany
  C) USA
  D) Russia
33 Indian U-19 Cricket team defeated which country recently to win the U-19 World Cup?
  A) England
  B) South Africa
  C) Pakistan
  D) Australia
34 Who lead the India’s U-19 Cricket team in U-19 world cup and also scored a century in the final to secure the cup?
  A) Baba Aparajith
  B) Smit Patel
  C) Akshdeep Nath
  D) Unmukt Chand
35 Who won the Olympic Gold in the Men’s Tennis singles category in the recently concluded Lonon Olympics?
  A) Roger Federer
  B) Rafael Nadal
  C) Andy Murray
  D) Novak Djokovic
36 India’s has signed agreement with which country for the modernisation of the Indian Railways and make some of the major railway stations in the country of global standard?
  A) France
  B) Germany
  C) Belgium
  D) Sweden
37 Which country has recently ended Media censorship as a part of its political reforms?
  A) Iran
  B) China
  C) Myanmar
  D) North Korea
38 Keshub Mahindra has recently stepped down as the Chairman of which Indian Company?
  A) Tech Mahindra
  B) Mahindra & Mahindra
  C) Hero Moto Corp
  D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
39 US based Private equity giant Bain Capital Partners has announced to acquire 30% stake in which Indian BPO company?
  A) Convergys
  B) Ma Foi Outsourcing Solutions Limited
  C) Genpact
  D) Firstsource
40 Who has been appointed as the Election Commissioner of India in August 2012?
  A) V S Sampath
  B) S Y Quraishi
  C) Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi
  D) None of These


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  1. Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 4 Answers

    31 Ans) Sahara
    32 Ans) Russia
    33 Ans) Australia
    34 Ans) Unmukt Chand
    35 Ans) Andy Murray
    36 Ans) Belgium
    37 Ans) Myanmar
    38 Ans) Mahindra & Mahindra
    39 Ans) Genpact
    40 Ans) Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi

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