Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 3

21 World’s fastest sportsman Usian Bolt belongs to which country?
  A) South Africa
  B) USA
  C) Kenya
  D) Jamaica
22 In recently concluded London Olympics 2012, which sportsperson has become the Olympian with highest number of medals?
  A) Michael Phelps
  B) Mark Spitz
  C) Usain Bolt
  D) Larisa Latynina
23 In the recently concluded India’s Vice Presidential Election, Who was the NDA nominee for Vice President post?
  A) Arun Jaitley
  B) Sushma Swaraj
  C) Jaswant Singh
  D) Murli Manohar Joshi
24 When was the event “Women Boxing” included in the Olympic games in which India got a bronze medal this year?
  A) 2004
  B) 2012
  C) 2008
  D) 2000
25 Which Indian IT company has won a harassment suit filed by one of its US employeed Jack Palmer in USA?
  A) Wipro
  B) TCS
  C) Infosys
  D) Mahindra  Satyam
26 Which Technology company has recently won Rs 2200 crore contract from UIDAI?
  A) Mahindra Satyam
  B) Wipro
  C) HCL Infosystem
  D) Infosys
27 Who has been appointed as new CEO of Barclays Bank?
  A) Bob Diamond
  B) Marcus Agius
  C) David Walker
  D) Antony Jenkins
28 Who was India’s flag bearer for the Closing Ceremony of London Olympics?
  A) Mary Kom
  B) Yogeshwar Dutt
  C) Sushil Kumar
  D) Saina Nehwal
29 Which country has recently ruled to sell all tobacco products in plain packaging effective from December this year?
  A) Germany
  B) Japan
  C) Australia
  D) UK
30 Who has replaced former Un Secretary General Kofi-Annan as the new Peace Convoy to Syria?
  A) Ban Ki-moon
  B) Lakhdar Brahimi
  C) Nabil El Araby
  D) None of These


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  1. Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 3 Answers

    21 Ans) Jamaica
    22 Ans) Michael Phelps
    23 Ans) Jaswant Singh
    24 Ans) 2012
    25 Ans) Infosys
    26 Ans) HCL Infosystem
    27 Ans) Antony Jenkins
    28 Ans) Mary Kom
    29 Ans) Australia
    30 Ans) Lakhdar Brahimi

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