Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 1

1 How many medals India won in the recently concluded London Olympics 2012?
  A) 5
  B) 4
  C) 6
  D) 7
2 Which PSU has recently been awarded with “Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar” in 2012 in the “Community Sports Identification and Nurturing of Budding Young Talent” category?
3 Hamid Ansari has recently won the Vice Presidential election to be re-elected as Vice President of India. With this he became India’s ___ th Vice President?
  A) 12th
  B) 13th
  C) 14th
  D) 15th
4 Indian Post has chosen which IT company to help them transform their business and modernize their entire financial system?
  A) Wipro
  B) HCL
  C) Infosys
  D) TCS
5 Who has won the Gold Medal in the Men’s 100m and 200m sprints in the London Olympics 2012?
  A) Michael Frater
  B) Usain Bolt
  C) Yohan Blake
  D) Nesta Carter
6 Which two countries have entered into news for disputed teritorries “Senkaku Islands” between them?
  A) China and Philipines
  B) South Korea and China
  C) China and Japan
  D) Japan and Russia
7 The union cabinet has fixed the reserve base price for the 5 MHz pan-India spectrum in the 1800 MHz band auction at?
  A) Rs. 14000 crore
  B) Rs. 24000 crore
  C) Rs. 18000 crore
  D) Rs. 7500 crore
8 Marikana Platinum mine which has recently faced labor unrest situated in which country?
  A) South Africa
  B) Kenya
  C) Australia
  D) China
9 Russia has recently joined WTO. It becomes the ___ member of WTO after inclusion?
  A) 155th
  B) 156th
  C) 157th
  D) 158th
10 Who has been awarded with the Dronacharya Awards for 2012 in the Kabaddi (Women) discipline?
  A) Virender Poonia
  B) Sunil Dabas
  C) Yashvir Singh
  D) J.S. Bhatia


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  1. Current Affairs August 2012 Quiz – 1 Answers

    1 Ans) 6
    2 Ans) SAIL
    3 Ans) 14th
    4 Ans) Infosys
    5 Ans) Usain Bolt
    6 Ans) China and Japan
    7 Ans) Rs. 14000 crore
    8 Ans) South Africa
    9 Ans) 156th
    10 Ans) Sunil Dabas

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