Current Affairs Aug 2014 Quiz 7

61India-s Retail inflation, measured by Consumer Price Index, stood at ______ in July (announced in Aug 2014).
 A) 7.96%
 B) 8.90%
 C) 8.28%
 D) 7.31%
62India-s overall inflation, measured by the Wholesale price index, stood at _______ in June 2014 (published in Aug 2014).
 A) 4.8%
 B) 6.01%
 C) 5.7%
 D) 3.4%

63Who has been named as the new Prime Minister of Iraq in Aug 2014? He was given 30 days to form the next government and present it for the approval of parliament.
 A) Ali al?Adeeb
 B) Mohammed Fuad Masum
 C) Haider al-Abadi
 D) Ibrahim al?Jaafari
64Oscar Winning veteran actor ______________ was found dead in his apartment in Aug 2014. He was known as one of the best Comic heroes of Hollywood. He won Oscar as best supporting actor for the movie -Good Will Hunting-
 A) Philip Seymour Hoffman
 B) Robin Williams
 C) Sally Field
 D) Dustin Hoffman
65Gurcharan Singh Gogi received the Lifetime Achievement Dronacharya award - 2014 in Aug 2014. He is associated with which sport?
 A) Boxing
 B) Wrestling
 C) Judo
 D) Archery
66The Reserve Bank of India has kept the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) unchanged at ________ during its announcement of August 2014 monetary policy review.
 A) 5%
 B) 4.5%
 C) 4.25%
 D) 4%
67Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Rajasthan in Aug 2014?
 A) Kalyan Singh
 B) Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala
 C) C. Vidyasagar Rao
 D) Mridula Sinha
68Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the Leh Srinagar Transmission Line in Leh and Chutak hydro-power project in ______________ to the nation In Aug 2014.
 A) Leh
 B) Jammu
 C) Kargil
 D) Sri Nagar
69Three MPS have been awarded wtih Outstanding Parliamentarian Awards in Aug 2014. President Pranab Mukherjee conferred the awards at a function in Parliament library for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Who in the list is not among them.
 A) Sharad Yadav
 B) Arun Jaitley
 C) Karan Singh
 D) Kapil Sibal
70Who has been elected unopposed as Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha in Aug 2014 after all major parties extended support to him?
 A) Arjun Charan Sethi
 B) P. Kumar
 C) M Thambidurai
 D) V. Senthil Balaji

Check below for answers:
61Ans) 7.96%
62Ans) 3.4%
63Ans) Haider al-Abadi
64Ans) Robin Williams
65Ans) Judo
66Ans) 4%
67Ans) Kalyan Singh
68Ans) Kargil
69Ans) Kapil Sibal
70Ans) M Thambidurai