Current Affairs Aug 2014 Quiz 4

31Famous cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma, popularly known as Pran, passed away in Aug 2014? What is the most popular chomic character he has created?
 A) Baman
 B) Pinki
 C) Chacha Chaudhury
 D) Naagraaj
32H.N. Girisha received the Arjuna award - 2014 in Aug 2014. He is associated with which sport?
 A) Para-Athletics
 B) Wrestling
 C) Shooting
 D) Archery

33German ERP giant SAP has appointed ___________ as the Managing Director for SAP Labs India, German company's third largest R&D center globally, in Aug 2014?
 A) Anirban Dey
 B) Dilipkumar Khandelwal
 C) Vishal Sikka
 D) None of These
34The European Central Bank (ECB) has reduced its benchmark interest rate at record low of ________ during its monetary policy review in Aug 2014.
 A) 0.25%
 B) 0.5%
 C) 0.75%
 D) 0.15%
35The Bank of England has kept Interest rates unchanged at record low of ________, as per the monetary policy announcement in Aug 2014.
 A) 0.75%
 B) 0.5%
 C) 0.25%
 D) 1%
36The 18th BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) ministerial meeting on climate change held in __________ in Aug 2014.
 A) Mumbai
 B) New Delhi
 C) Shanghai
 D) Brasilia
37"International Youth Day" is observed on __________________.
 A) 21-August
 B) 16-August
 C) 12 -August
 D) 18-August
38The Reserve Bank of India has kept marginal standing facility (MSF) rate unchanged at ________ during its announcement of August 2014 monetary policy review.
 A) 10%
 B) 9%
 C) 8%
 D) 7%
39Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptullah has announced that the government has launched a scheme ___________ in Aug 2014 to provide interest subsidy on educational loans for overseas studies for students belonging to the notified minority communities like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis.
 A) Padhai Pardesh
 B) Sikhsha Pardesh
 C) Padho Pardesh
 D) None of These
40The Reserve Bank of India has announced some measures to tighten the regulatory framework for asset reconstruction companies. The RBI said ARCs will henceforth have to mandatorily invest and hold minimum __________ compared to earlier 5% of the Security Receipts issued by them against the assets acquired from banks on an ongoing basis till the redemption of all the receipts.
 A) 20%
 B) 10%
 C) 15%
 D) 12%

Check below for answers:
31Ans) Chacha Chaudhury
32Ans) Para-Athletics
33Ans) Dilipkumar Khandelwal
34Ans) 0.15%
35Ans) 0.5%
36Ans) New Delhi
37Ans) 12 -August
38Ans) 9%
39Ans) Padho Pardesh
40Ans) 15%