Current Affairs Aug 2014 Quiz 3

21India men's hockey team won a _________ medal on the final day of the 20th Commonwealth Games at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre in Aug 2014.
 A) Gold
 B) Silver
 C) Bronze
 D) No Medal
22The World Bank has pledged ___________ in emergency funding to Ebola virus hit countries in West Africa which include Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to contain the spread of the deadly virus in Aug 2014.
 A) USD 100 million
 B) USD 200 million
 C) USD 50 million
 D) USD 300 million

23"World Senior Citizen-s Day" is observed on __________________.
 A) 8-August
 B) 6-August
 C) 9-August
 D) 18-August
24Who was sworn in as the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court in Aug 2014? She also became the first woman Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court.
 A) Justice Dr. Manjula Chellur
 B) Justice N.P. Singh
 C) Justice S L Bhojegowda
 D) Justice B.S. Chauhan
25Who has been appointed as deputy National Security Adviser in Aug 2014?. He will also be Secretary, National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), an apex advisory body tasked with suggesting to the government on political, economic and strategic security concerns.
 A) Nehchal Sandhu
 B) Arvind Gupta
 C) R N Ravi
 D) Shashi Kant Sharma
26Who has taken over as the new Vice Chief of Army Staff in Aug 2014?
 A) Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag
 B) Bikram Singh
 C) Lt Gen Philip Campose
 D) Vijay Kumar Singh
27The Reserve Bank of India has reduced the SLR rate by 50 bps to ________ during its announcement of August 2014 monetary policy review.
 A) 23.5%
 B) 22.5%
 C) 23%
 D) 22%
28Union cabinet has approved a proposal in Aug 2014 to empower the Juvenile Justice Board to decide whether a juvenile of above _________ involved in heinous crimes such as rape will be considered as a juvenile or an adult to be tried in a regular court.
 A) 14 Years
 B) 15 Years
 C) 16 Years
 D) 17 Years
29The union cabinet has also approved raising FDI limit in the defence sector to __________ in the Cabinet meeting held in Aug 2014 headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This move will boost the domestic defence industry as India import more than 70% of its military equipment.
 A) 26%
 B) 49%
 C) 51%
 D) 74%
30The cabinet has opened up the railway infrastructure segment for FDI to push new reforms and attract more foreign investment. It has approved _________ FDI in areas such as high-speed train systems, suburban corridors and dedicated freight line projects implemented in PPP mode in Aug 2014.
 A) 26%
 B) 49%
 C) 74%
 D) 100%

Check below for answers:
21Ans) Silver
22Ans) USD 200 million
23Ans) 8-Aug
24Ans) Justice Dr. Manjula Chellur
25Ans) Arvind Gupta
26Ans) Lt Gen Philip Campose
27Ans) 22%
28Ans) 16 years
29Ans) 49%
30Ans) 100%