Current Affairs Aug 2014 Quiz 18

171Which indian state tops the list of percentage of growth in employment as per the provisional results of the Sixth Economic Census released by the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) in Aug 2014?
 A) Manipur
 B) Assam
 C) Uttar Pradesh
 D) Sikkim
172_____________, the Foreign Office minister of Britain resigned from the government in August 2014 in protest of Britain-s policy on Gaza.
 A) Sajid Javid
 B) Sayeeda Warsi
 C) Nazir Ahmed
 D) Sadiq Khan

173Which Indian private sector bank has announced the launch of the -Student Travel Card- in Aug 2014, which enables students going abroad for higher studies to take care of their expenses?
 A) ICICI Bank
 B) HDFC Bank
 C) Yes Bank
 D) Axis Bank
174Who has taken over as Managing Director and CEO of SBI Life Insurance in Aug 2014?
 A) V Narsi Reddy
 B) Arijit Basu
 C) Atanu Sen
 D) Rajiv Lall
175Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Goa in Aug 2014?
 A) Kalyan Singh
 B) Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala
 C) C. Vidyasagar Rao
 D) Mridula Sinha
176__________ striker Didier Drogba announced his international retirement after scoring 61 goals in 103 appearances for his country. The Chelsea forward was a fixture in the national side for 12 years, playing in three World Cups and twice helping the team finish runners-up at the African Nations Cup.
 A) Cameron
 B) Ivory Coast
 C) Nigeria
 D) South Africa
177The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meeting was held in ___________in Aug 2014.
 A) Nay Pyi Taw
 B) Shanghai
 C) Bangkok
 D) Kualalampur
178Former India cricket captain __________ headed the Arjuna Awards selection committee for choosing this year's outstanding sportspersons of the country (announced in Aug 2014).
 A) Sunil Gavaskar
 B) Kapil Dev
 C) Ravi Shastri
 D) Dilip Bengsarkar
179Former Hockey Captain ___________ was selected as the Chairman of the Dronacharya Award Selection Committee in August 2014.
 A) Ajitpal Singh
 B) Zafar Iqbal
 C) Gagan Ajit Singh
 D) Aslam Sher Khan
180Tata-Singapore Airlines (SIA) named its upcoming joint venture airline as ___________ in Aug 2014.
 A) Vishal
 B) Vistara
 C) Air-Tata
 D) Viscara

Check below for answers:
171Ans) Manipur
172Ans) Sayeeda Warsi
173Ans) ICICI Bank
174Ans) Arijit Basu
175Ans) Mridula Sinha
176Ans) Ivory Coast
177Ans) Nay Pyi Taw
178Ans) Kapil Dev
179Ans) Ajitpal Singh
180Ans) Vistara