Current Affairs Aug 2014 Quiz 16

151The government announced the minimum monthly pension of __________ and a higher wage ceiling of Rs. 15,000 for social security schemes run by retirement fund manager EPFO in Aug 2014 which will be implemented from 1st September.
 A) Rs. 7000
 B) Rs. 1,000
 C) Rs. 1,500
 D) Rs. 2,000
152Which bollywood actor has been roped in as Ambassador of Interpol-s initiative -Turn Back Crime- campaign to promote awareness about prevention of crime in Aug 2014? With this, he has become the first Indian to be roped in as Ambassador of Interpol.
 A) Amitabh Bachchan
 B) Anupam Kher
 C) Amir Khan
 D) Shahrukh Khan

153Who has been sworn in as the President of Turkey after winning the country's first public vote after serving three terms as Prime Minister in Aug 2014?
 A) Recep Tayyip Erdogan
 B) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
 C) Kemal K?l?çdaro?lu
 D) Abdullah Gül
154US actor and singer _________ has been named for the honorary Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Oscar Award in Aug 2014. This is one of the three Governor's Award given by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for lifetime achievement. He will recieve the award in November this year.
 A) Dorothy Dandridge
 B) Harry Belafonte
 C) Sidney Poitier
 D) Stephen Belafonte
155Eurozone inflation stood at __________ in August which is the lowest level since the recent financial crisis and poses significant risk for deflation.
 A) 0.2%
 B) 0.3%
 C) 0.5%
 D) 0.7%
156Brazilian economy fallen into recession as its economy was conracted by ________ during second quarter of current year following a 0.2% contraction in the previous quarter (announced in Aug 2014).
 A) 0.2%
 B) 0.3%
 C) 0.6%
 D) 1.1%
157Famous footballer ___________ was named the UEFA Best Player in Europe in Aug 2014, his second after he won the same in 2008.
 A) Cristiano Ronaldo
 B) Manuel Neuer
 C) Arjen Robben
 D) Lionel Messi
158National Sports Day was celebrated on ___________ across the country. The National Sports Day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of famous hockey player Dhyan Chand who was India-s greatest hockey player.
 A) 21-August
 B) 23-August
 C) 25-August
 D) 29-August
159Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his 5 day visit to Japan in Aug 2014 and both the countries signed a MoU to develop ____________ into a -smart city- by using the experience of Kyoto, the -smart city- of Japan.
 A) Surat
 B) Allahabad
 C) Varanasi
 D) Lucknow
160Chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) __________ was appointed as Naga interlocutor on 29th August 2014, as per notification released by the PMO. He will be representing Govt of India in Naga peace talks.
 A) Nehchal Sandhu
 B) Arvind Gupta
 C) R N Ravi
 D) Shashi Kant Sharma

Check below for answers:
151Ans) Rs. 1,000
152Ans) Shah Rukh Khan
153Ans) Recep Tayyip Erdogan
154Ans) Harry Belafonte
155Ans) 0.3%
156Ans) 0.6%
157Ans) Cristiano Ronaldo
158Ans) 29-August
159Ans) Varanasi
160Ans) RN Ravi