Current Affairs Aug 2014 Quiz 12

111India's Trade deficit stood at ________ in July 2014 (announced in Aug 2014).
 A) USD 12.2 billion
 B) USD 10 billion
 C) USD 11.23 billion
 D) USD 9.25 billion
112Indian capital Delhi has been ranked at ____________ position out of 140 world cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) 'Global Liveability Ranking' released in Aug 2014. This dismal ranking indicates to the lack of urban planning across India's polluted and chaotic cities.
 A) 91st
 B) 111th
 C) 126th
 D) 85th

113Which city has been ranked as No 1 out of 140 world cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) 'Global Liveability Ranking' released in Aug 2014?
 A) London
 B) Melbourne
 C) Vienna
 D) Tokyo
114An Indian neuroscientist in the US, ___________, has been awarded Early Concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) under President Barack Obama's multi-year Brain Initiative to map the human brain in Aug 2014.
 A) Deepak Pandya
 B) Anirvan Ghosh
 C) Partha Mitra
 D) Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
115"Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Divas" is observed on __________________.
 A) 21-August
 B) 20-August
 C) 29-August
 D) 24-August
116Sixteen-year-old Max Verstappen will become the youngest driver in Formula One history in 2015 season after being singed in Aug 2014 for the season. He was signed for which Formula One team?
 A) Marcedez
 B) Ferrari
 C) Red Bull
 D) McLaren
117Senior Congress leader _____________ has been appointed as the Chairman of Parliament's Public Accounts Committee, PAC in Aug 2014.
 A) Kapil Sibal
 B) P Chidambaram
 C) K V Thomas
 D) Ajay Maken
118The Government has constituted a high-level committee to recommend restructuring of Food Corporation of India (FCI) in Aug 2014. This will be headed by  ____________ and the committee will submit its report to the Government within three months.
 A) Hari Gautam
 B) RK Singh
 C) Shanta Kumar
 D) Sivaramakrishnan
119World-famous ___________ BKS Iyengar passed away following illness in Aug 2014. He was honoured with Padma Vibhushan by Indian Government.
 A) Author
 B) Yoga guru
 C) Actor
 D) Musician
120Thailand coup leader, Army Chief ___________, has been elected as the 29th Prime Minister of Thailand in Aug 2014.
 A) Anupong Paochinda
 B) Thaksin Shinawatra
 C) Prayuth Chan-ocha
 D) None of These

Check below for answers:
111Ans) USD 12.2 billion
112Ans) 111th
113Ans) Melbourne
114Ans) Partha Mitra
115Ans) 20-August
116Ans) Red Bull
117Ans) K V Thomas
118Ans) Shanta Kumar
119Ans) Yoga guru
120Ans) Prayuth Chan-ocha