Current Affairs April 2017 Quiz - 7

61Rio Olympics silver medallist P V Sindhu jumped_________________ places to achieve a career-best world number two ranking in the latest Badminton World Federation (BWF) rankings.
 A) five
 B) three
 C) two
 D) four
62World Health Day is celebrated on _________________to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization.
 A) 7th April
 B) 6th April
 C) 8th April
 D) 5th April
63Chinese President ______________________ has reached to Florida to meet US President Donald Trump.
 A) Li Xiannian
 B) Xi Jinping
 C) Liu Shaoqi
 D) Dong Biwu
64_________________________ is the first North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) state to launch a 'self-contained' cyber command unit designed to shield IT and weapons systems from growing attacks.
 A) France
 B) Germany
 C) Italy
 D) Russia
65___________________ has announced his retirement from Test cricket after the completion of upcoming Test series against West Indies
 A) Muzaffar Ali
 B) Narsingh Pancham
 C) Misbah-ul-Haq
 D) Shimit Amin
66________________________ has been appointed as the new CEO of Larsen & Toubro (L&T).
 A) B P Kanungo
 B) A. Vasudevan
 C) S. L. N. Simha
 D) S N Subrahmanyan
67India has jumped 12 places to _____________________globally in total 136 countries in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report 2017 by World Economic Forum.
 A) 50yh rank
 B) 40th rank
 C) 45th rank
 D) 42nd rank
68________________________ and Bangladesh has signed 22 agreements in various key sectors like defence and civil nuclear cooperation.
 A) Pakistan
 B) Bangladesh
 C) China
 D) India
69Indian boxer______________________ has won a gold medal in the 49- kilogram category at the Thailand International Tournament in Bangkok.
 A) Jitender Kumar
 B) Vijender Singh
 C) K Shyam Kumar
 D) Varghese Johnson
70Indian-American____________________has been appointed as the new 'IP czar' to coordinate US law-enforcement strategy around copyright, patents and trademarks.
 A) Vishal Amin
 B) Varghese Johnson
 C) Mohammed Ali
 D) Varghese Johnson

61Ans) three
62Ans) 7th April
63Ans) Xi Jinping
64Ans) Germany
65Ans) Misbah-ul-Haq
66Ans) S N Subrahmanyan
67Ans) 40th rank
68Ans) India
69Ans) K Shyam Kumar
70Ans) Vishal Amin

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