Current Affairs April 2017 Quiz - 5

41The 10th edition of the Indian Premier League Twenty-20 cricket tournament has started to a colourful start at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket stadium in_____________________.
 A) Hyderabad
 B) Mumbai
 C) Pune
 D) Chennai
42_______________ has been appointed as the second director of SoftBank to Snapdeal's board.
 A) Guillermo Lasso
 B) Lenin Moreno
 C) Jorge Glas
 D) Lydia Bly Jett
43Ecuadorean leftist ______________________has won the presidential election after a tight contest with his right-wing opponent.
 A) Jorge Glas
 B)Guillermo Lasso
 C) Lenin Moreno
 D) Lydia Bly Jett
44______________________, King of Bahrain has approved a constitutional amendment granting military courts the right to try civilians protesting against the government.
 A) Ibn Saud
 B) Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
 C) Hussein bin Ali
 D) Faisal I
45Brianna Lyston, a 12-year-old Jamaican sprinter has set a world record by completing a 200-metre sprint in____________________ seconds.
 A) 21.50
 B) 22.53
 C) 23.72
 D) 20.25
46_________________________, Managing Director of Quatrro Global Services has been appointed as the chairman of The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) for 2017-2018.
 A) Raman Roy
 B) Shyam Venegal
 C) Vidhu Vinod
 D) Govind Nihalani
47________________________ has been appointed as Group General Manager at Kudgi Super thermal Power Project, Karnataka.
 A) Raman Roy
 B) Saed Mirza
 C) Ram Verma
 D) Sanjeev Kishore
48________________ has appointed as Executive Director (ED) of The Reserve Bank of India.
 A) A Vasudevan
 B) B P Kanungo
 C) Malvika Sinha
 D) B Balachandran
49World's oldest and most experienced spacewoman is getting ____________________extra months in orbit.
 A) three
 B) two
 C) one
 D) five
50The RBI has kept the repo rate unchanged at________________ in its first bi-monthly monetary policy of this fiscal in 2017-18.
 A) 5.85%
 B) 6.45%
 C) 6.25%
 D) 5.25%

41Ans) Hyderabad
42Ans) Lydia Bly Jett
43Ans) Lenin Moreno
44Ans) Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
45Ans) 23.72
46Ans) Raman Roy
47Ans) Sanjeev Kishore
48Ans) Malvika Sinha
49Ans) three
50Ans) 6.25%

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