Current Affairs April 2017 Quiz - 24

231The World Day for Safety and Health is observed on _________________.
 A) 26th April
 B) 29th April
 C) 28th April
 D) 27th April
232UNESCO to screen Rahul V. Chittella-s short film -____________________- as a part of World Press Freedom Day event that is scheduled to be held from May 1-4 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
 A) Airlift
 B) Azaad
 C) Udta Punjab
 D) Akira
233____________________has become the first country in the world to ban the mining of metals.
 A) El Salvador
 B) Argentina
 C) China
 D) Eritrea
234__________________, the Oscar-winning director behind classics like The Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia has passed away at the age of 73 in New York.
 A) Cary Grant
 B) Clint Eastwood
 C) Jonathan Demme
 D) Jack Nicholson
235Renowned sand artist__________________from Odisha has won the jury prize gold medal at the 10th Moscow Sand art Championship.
 A) Sudarsan Pattnaik
 B) Badal Barai
 C) Santosh Bala
 D) Arun Bothra
236______________________________has become the first Indian actor to deliver TED speech in Vancouver, Canada.
 A) Shah Rukh Khan
 B) Amir Khan
 C) Amitabh Bachhan
 D) Anupam Kher
237______________________ has become the first Indian racer to occupy pole position in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in the qualifying session for Round 2 in Monza.
 A) Narain Karthikeyan
 B) Jehan Daruvala
 C) Karun Chandhok
 D) Sunita Kakran
238Veteran Tamil actor and scriptwriter____________________has passed away at the age 71.
 A) Sudarsan Pattnaik
 B) Nana Patekar
 C) Vinu Chakravarthy
 D) Shashi Kapoor
239The Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare is observed on_____________.
 A) 26th April
 B) 29th April
 C) 28th April
 D) 27th April
240___________________________ 2017 is being observed across the world between 24 April and 30 April 2017.
 A) World Immunization Week
 B) International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
 C) World Health Week
 D) World Day for Safety and Health at Work
241Ritu Raju, two Indian-Americans are among 46 emerging college and university leaders has been selected by American Council on Education, ACE in ______________________ for its prestigious fellowship.
 A) Boston
 B) Chicago
 C) Seattle
 D) Houston
242The first freight train linking China directly to the ____ arrived in the eastern Chinese city of Yiwu after a 12,000-kilometre trip, becoming the world's second-longest rail route.
 A) France
 B) Germany
 C) UK
 D) Russia

231Ans) 28th April
232Ans) Azaad
233Ans) El Salvador
234Ans) Jonathan Demme
235Ans) Sudarsan Pattnaik
236Ans) Shah Rukh Khan
237Ans) Jehan Daruvala
238Ans) Vinu Chakravarthy
239Ans) 29th April
240Ans) World Immunization Week
241Ans) Houston
242Ans) UK

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