Current Affairs April 2016 Quiz - 19

181Gujarat government has declared _________ reservation in higher education institutions and government jobs for the economically backward members of all non-reserved castes, with income below Rs 6 lakh per annum in Apr 2016.
 A) 5%
 B) 7%
 C) 10%
 D) 15%
182UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has appointed an Indian academician __________ to the UN University Council among 11 other members in Apr 2016.
 A) Geeta Pasi
 C) Nandita Bakshi
 D) Arati Prabhakar
 D) Radha Kumar

183Senior IPS officer __________ has been appointed as the Director General (DG) of Railways Protection Force (RPF) in Apr 2016.
 A) Geetha Johri
 B) Surender Kumar Bhagat
 C) C K Deshmukh
 D) PC Thakur
184Bureaucrat-turned-politician ____________ has been chosen for the Japan's second-highest national award along with 91 foreign recipients in Apr 2016 for his contribution in improving Indo-Japan economic ties over the past few years.
 A) N K Singh
 B) A Ajith Kumar
 C) Rajiv Gauba
 D) PC Thakur
185Famous Indian sand artist _____________ won the gold medal at ninth Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship in Russia held in Apr 2016. He won the competition for his 15 feet high art work Mahatma Gandhi's sculpture for non-violence and peace.
 A) Rahul Arya
 B) Manas Kumar Sahoo
 C) Sudarsan Pattnaik
 D) None of These
186Global information services company _________ India has launched the 'Hunter Fraud Score' in Apr 2016 which is a scoring mechanism that measures the probability of fraud in a credit application across banking and insurance industries.
 A) Lexis Nexis
 B) Experian
 C) Reed Elsevier
187Olympic Gold medallist Indian shooter, ___________ accepted Indian Olympic Association's (IOA) request in Apr 2016 to become the second goodwill ambassador for the Indian Rio Olympics' contingent.
 A) Jitu Rai
 B) Gagan Narang
 C) Apurvi Chandela
 D) Abhinav Bindra
188"World Book and Copyright Day" is observed on?
 A) 23-Apr
 B) 22-Apr
 C) 21-Apr
 D) 25-Apr
189India has become the world-s ___________ largest spender on defence, following a 13.1% increase in its 2016-17 defence budget, according to US research firm IHS Inc. published in Apr 2016.
 A) second
 B) third
 C) fourth
 D) fifth
190Which Bollywood star was awarded with the -Maharashtrian Of The Year- in Apr 2016?
 A) Amir Khan
 B) Arjun Kapur
 C) Ranbir Kapoor
 D) Ranveer Singh

181Ans) 10%
182Ans) Radha Kumar
183Ans) Surender Kumar Bhagat
184Ans) N K Singh
185Ans) Sudarsan Pattnaik
186Ans) Experian
187Ans) Abhinav Bindra
188Ans) 23-Apr
189Ans) fourth
190Ans) Ranveer Singh

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