Current Affairs April 2016 Quiz - 10

91China's economic growth stood at ___________ in the first quarter of 2016, as announced in April 2016
which is the slowest pace of Chinese economic growth since 2009.
 A) 6.5%
 B) 6.7%
 C) 6.9%
 D) 6.1%
92Ukraine's parliament approved ___________ as prime minister in April 2016 with the intention to end months of political deadlock.
 A) Arseniy Yatsenyuk
 B) Andriy Parubiy
 C) Volodymyr Groysman
 D) Yuriy Lutsenko

93Malick Sadibe, award-winning photographer of ________ passed away in April 2016. He was known for his black and white portrait clicks of young Malians. Also Sidibe became the first African winner of the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at the Venice Biennale in 2007.
 A) Kenya
 B) Mali
 C) Nigeria
 D) South Africa
94English cricketer ___________ has announced his sudden and untimely retirement from the international cricket due to his ill health in April 2016.
 A) Joe Root
 B) Jonny Bairstow
 C) Jos Buttler
 D) James Taylor
95New Zealand cricketer __________ has been named as Wisden's Leading Cricketer in the World for the year 2015 (announced in April 2016).
 A) Brendon McCullum
 B) Martin Guptill
 C) Kane Williamson
 D) Ross Taylor
96Which country has been ranked as the world-s largest recipient of remittances from abroad in 2015, as per report published by the World Bank in April 2016?
 A) Mexico
 C) China
 D) India
97Which Indian City has been ranked as one of the 50 future-ready cities around as per a report published by IT major Dell in April 2016?
 A) Pune
 B) Mumbai
 C) Delhi
 D) Hyderabad
98Forbes in its inaugural edition of Global Game Changers List published this year has ranked some of the biggest names in business. The list features 30 of the most powerful business leaders worldwide. How many Indians have been featured in the lis?
 A) Two
 B) Three
 C) Four
 D) Five
99Who won the portswoman of the year Laureus World Sports Awards announced in April 2016?
 A) Victoria Azarenka
 B) Suzie Bates
 C) Serena Williams
 D) None of These
100World Heritage Day was observed on __________ across the world to create awareness among the people towards conserve and protect the valuable assets and cultural heritage across the world.
 A) 11-April
 B) 13-April
 C) 15-April
 D) 18-April

91Ans) 6.7%
92Ans) Volodymyr Groysman
93Ans) Mali
94Ans) James Taylor
95Ans) Kane Williamson
96Ans) India
97Ans) Delhi
98Ans) Three
99Ans) Serena Williams
100Ans) 18-April

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