Current Affairs April 2014 Quiz 11

101Who has taken over as the first woman Chief Justice of Delhi High Court in April 2014?
 A) Justice G Rohini
 B) Justice M. Fathima Beevi
 C) Justice Anna Chandy
 D) None of These
102The Central Government has appointed whom as Principal Economic Advisor in April 2014?
 A) Shankar Acharya
 B) Isher Judge Ahluwalia
 C) Dipak Dasgupta
 D) Ila Patnaik
103BCCI has suggested to the Supreme Court to set up a three-member committee in order to probe the corruption case in April 2014. Which former Indian cricketer has been included in the 3-member committee?
 A) Ravi Shastri
 B) Dilip Vengsarkar
 C) Sanjay Manjrekar
 D) Kapil Dev
104Which Film won the "Best Film on Social Issues" award at the 61st National Film Award announced in April 2014?
 A) Tuhya Dharma Koncha
 B) Thalaimuraigal
 C) Ship of Theseus
 D) Perariyathavar
105Who took over as the Chairman and Managing Director of National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) in April 2014?
 A) KS Popli
 B) Vinod Kumar Duggal
 C) Narendra Kothari
 D) A. R. Lakshmanan
106"World Hemophilia Day" is observed on?
 A) 18-Apr
 B) 12-Apr
 C) 21-Apr
 D) 17-Apr
107Reserve Bank of India (RBI) executive director _____________ took charge as director of Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (CAFRAL) in April 2014. CAFRAL is a not-for-profit organization and is an independent body fully funded by the RBI.
 A) D.K.Mohanty
 B) P. Vijaya Bhaskar
 C) G. Gopalakrishna
 D) G. Padmanabhan
108Hockey India appointed former senior coach _____________ as the coach of the junior men's team in April 2014. His key aim will be to groom the junior team for the 2016 World Cup to be held in the country.
 A) Pargat Singh
 B) Harendra Singh
 C) Dilip Tirkey
 D) Ramandeep Sing
109World Earth Day was observed on 22nd April across the world in order to raise awareness and also to support environmental protection. Theme for Earth Day 2014 was _______________.
 A) Green Welcome
 B) Green States
 C) Green Cities
 D) Green Trees
110The Supreme Court revoked its 19-month-old ban on iron ore mining in Which Indian state in April 2014 but restricted the extraction to 20 million tonnes per annum.
 A) Kerala
 B) Karnataka
 C) Goa
 D) Odissa

Check below for Answers:
101Ans) Justice G Rohini
102Ans) Ila Patnaik
103Ans) Ravi Shastri
104Ans) Tuhya Dharma Koncha
105Ans) Narendra Kothari
106Ans) 17-Apr
107Ans) G. Gopalakrishna
108Ans) Harendra Singh
109Ans) Green Cities
110Ans) Goa