Current Affairs April 2013 Quiz - 7

61Who was bagged the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award for his contribution to Indian industry at the third edition of the annual Asian Awards held in April 2013?
 A) Ravi Ruia
 B) Narayana Murthy
 C) Adi Godrej
 D) Ratan Tata
62Famous industrialist and known as king of takeovers, Rama Prasad Goenka passed away in April 2013. He has set up which company?
 A) RPG Group
 B) JP Group
 C) Adani Group
 D) None of These
63Global credit rating agency Fitch has downgraded credit rating of which country to -AA+- from top most -AAA- in April 2013?
 A) Luxemberg
 C) Germany
 D) UK
64Famous Cricketer Mike Denness passed away in April 2013. He was captain of which cricket team?
 A) Australia
 B) South Africa
 C) England
 D) West Indies
65India-s Mathematical genius Shakuntala Devi passed away in April 2013. She was also known as?
 A) Super Computer
 B) Human computer
 C) Life Computer
 D) None of These
66"National Civil Services Day" is observed on?
 A) 20-Apr
 B) 22-Apr
 C) 21-Apr
 D) 19-Apr
67Who was selected for the prestigious Jnanpith award in April 2013?
 A) Pratibha Ray
 B) Ravuri Bharadwaja
 C) Ravuri Bharadhwaja
 D) Sri Lal Sukla
68Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) in April 2013?
 A) R Chandrashekhar
 B) Dhruv Vijai Singh
 C) Sunil Kumar
 D) Syamal Kumar Sarkar
69Which bowler has claimed the first hat-trick of this IPL season (IPL 6 Season)?
 A) Amit Mishra
 B) Sunil Narine
 C) Lasith Malinga
 D) Praveen Kumar
70Who has been conferred with the Sher-i-Kashmir Award in April 2013 to become the youngest athlete of Jammu and Kashmir to be conferred with the Sher-i-Kashmir Sports Award?
 A) Jaskaran Singh
 B) Bilquis Mir
 C) Navjot Singh
 D) Sakina Bashir

Check below for answers..........
61Ans) Adi Godrej
62Ans) RPG Group
63Ans) UK
64Ans) England
65Ans) Human computer
66Ans) 21-Apr
67Ans) Ravuri Bharadwaja
68Ans) Sunil Kumar
69Ans) Sunil Narine
70Ans) Navjot Singh