Current Affairs April 2013 Quiz - 5

41Which Indian IT Services Company has acquired French IT Services Company Alti SA for 75 million euro in April 2013?
 A) HCL Technologies
 B) Infosys
 C) Wipro
42The International Monetary Fund has recognized which country after 22 years of problems in April 2013?
 A) Ghana
 B) Libya
 C) Somalia
 D) Sudan
43National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) has appointed whom as the Vice Chairman of Nasscom for the year 2013-14 in April 2013?
 A) R Chandrasekaran
 B) N Chandrasekaran
 C) Krishnakumar Natarajan
 D) Vineet Nayyar
44Which Legendary Bollywood actor was awarded with Bollywood-s highest honour in Indian Cinema Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2012 in April 2013?
 A) Sammi Kapoor
 B) Rajesh Khanna
 C) Amitabh Bachchan
 D) Pran Krishan Sikand
45Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Staff Selection Commission (SSC) in April 2013?
 A) Lalit K Panwar
 B) Amitava Bhattacharyya
 C) Sutanu Behuria
 D) Amarjit Singh
46Which Indian PSU Company was conferred with the Miniratna - Category - 1 status by the President of India in April 2013?
 A) National Seeds Corporation Limited
 B) HMT (International) Limited
 C) North Eastern Electric Power Corporation
 D) Bharat Pumps & Compressors Limited
47Which company has acquired 50% stake in L&T-Komatsu (LTK) held by Komatsu Asia & Pacific in April 2013?
 A) Unitec
 B) Larsen & Toubro
 C) Hitachi
 D) None of These
48Which euro zone country has the highest unemployment rate of 26.4% for the month of February 2013?
 A) Greece
 B) Spain
 C) Portugal
 D) Ireland
49The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) has named whom as its new Vice Chairman for fiscal 2013-14 in April 2013?
 A) Amarnath Sengupta
 B) Ujjwal Mukhopadhyay
 C) P. Devadas
 D) Harish Singhla
50India's Index of Industrial Production (IIP) stood at _______ in February 2013 (announced in April 2013).
 A) 1.2%
 B) 2.4%
 C) 0.6%
 D) 1.9%

Check below for answers..........
41Ans) TCS
42Ans) Somalia
43Ans) R Chandrasekaran
44Ans) Pran Krishan Sikand
45Ans) Amitava Bhattacharyya
46Ans) North Eastern Electric Power Corporation
47Ans) Larsen & Toubro
48Ans) Greece
49Ans) P. Devadas
50Ans) 0.6%