Current Affairs April 2013 Quiz - 12

111Which Internet company has acquired mobile app builder Company named as -Parse- in April 2013?
 A) Facebook
 B) Yahoo
 C) Microsoft
 D) Google
112Who won the 2013 Templeton Prize announced in April 2013?
Established in 1972 by the late global investor and philanthropist Sir John Templeton, the Prize celebrates each year a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life's spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works.
 A) Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso
 B) Francisco J. Ayala
 C) Desmond Tutu
 D) Charles Margrave Taylor
113Which state has introduced a bill which Places restrictions on the primacy of the chief justice of the state high court and the Governor in the matter of appointment of the Lokayukta in April 2013?
 A) Madhya Pradesh
 B) Goa
 C) Haryana
 D) Gujarat
114Which state has announced to set up First Public Health University in India recently in April 2013?
 A) West Bengal
 B) Odisha
 C) Assam
 D) Bihar
115British Scientist Robert Edwards died at the age of 87 in April 2013. He was best known for his research related to _______________.
 A) Cancer Cell
 B) Stem Cell
 C) Vitro Fertilization
 D) None of These
116Which team lifted 3rd Hockey India Sub-Junior Men National Championship (North Zone) title held in April 2013?
 A) Punjab
 B) Chandigarh
 C) Haryana
 D) Delhi
117Which country has Successfully Test-Fired Nuclear-Capable Hatf-IV Ballistic Missile in April 2013?
 A) Iran
 B) Pakistan
 C) Syria
 D) None of These
118Former Governor of Karnataka, V.S. Ramadevi passed away in Bangalore in April 2013. She was also India-s only Women ______________.
 A) Chief Election Commissioner
 B) State Governor
 C) Lok Sabha Speaker
 D) President
119Which country has launched the World-s only Returnable Satellite Bion-M1 in April 2013?
 B) China
 C) Russia
 D) France
120Which indian movie has won the P A Backer Foundation award for best movie in the year 2012 in April 2013?
 A) Indian Rupee
 B) Spirit
 C) Jawan of Vellimala
 D) Leela The never ending Play

Check below for answers..........
111Ans) Facebook
112Ans) Desmond Tutu
113Ans) Gujarat
114Ans) Odisha
115Ans) Vitro Fertilization (test-tube baby)
116Ans) Chandigarh
117Ans) Pakistan
118Ans) Chief Election Commissioner
119Ans) Russia
120Ans) Spirit