Current Affairs April 2012 Quiz – IV

31 Who has been recently appointed as the new Supreme Court judge (27th Judge)
A) Justice Ranjan Gogoi
B) Justice Jasti Chelameswar
C) Justice F M Ibrahim Kalifulla
D) Justice Ranjana Desai
32 Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has announced to replace the Real and Estate Major DLF in its benchmark 30-share index Sensex with which company?
A) Cipla
B) Bank of Baroda
C) Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
D) None of these
33 Nestle has acquired nutrition business of which pharma giant for USD 11.85 billion in April 2012?
A) GSK Pharma
B) Glaxo
C) Pfizer
D) None of these
34 Which oil and gas giant has recently acuired Clove Energy for USD 1.1 billion in April 2012?
A) Shell
B) British Petroleum
C) Exxon Mobil
D) Schlumberger
35 Which Indian IT Services Company has become the first company to touch annual revenue of USD 10 billion?
B) Infosys
C) Wipro
D) HCL Technologies
36 Who has been appointed as the next CEO of SABMiller, the world’s second-largest brewer by volume in April 2012?
A) Graham Mackay
B) Graham Mackay
C) Alan Clark
D) None of these
37 US GDP growth for the first quarter of 2012 stood at?
A) 3.2%
B) 2.2%
C) 2.9%
D) 2.5%
38 Which Mobile giant has emerged as the world’s largest mobile phone selling company as per the last quarter data (Q1 20120?
A) Apple
B) Nokia
C) Samsung
39 In smart phone market, which mobile giant holds the 2nd place after Samsung based on Q12012 data?
A) Apple
B) Nokia
40 Which global credit rating agency has recently cut India’s outlook from stable to negative in April 2012?
A) S&P
B) Moody’s
C) Fitch
D) None of these

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