Current Affairs April 2012 Quiz – I

1 Who has been recently awarded with “2012 Templeton Prize” for his works on science and religion
A) The Rt. Hon. The Lord Rees of Ludlow
B) Francisco J. Ayala
C) 14th Dalai Lama
D) None of these
2 “Aung San Suu Kyi” has become a leader of which South East Asian country after landslide victory?
A) Thailand
B) Myanmar
C) Vietnam
D) None of these
3 Which banking group has acuired Indonesia’s Bank Danamon for USD 7.3 billion?
A) BNP Paribas
B) CitiBank
D) DBS Group Holdings
4 Euro zone unemployment rate stood at 10.8% in February. Which country has the highest unemploymenat rate?
A) Spain
B) Greece
C) Italy
D) Portugal
5 Which famous banker has joined the board of directors of Tata Consultancy Services as an independent director in April 2012?
A) K V Kamath
B) O`P Bhat
C) Pratip Chaudhury
D) Deepak Parekh
6 Who won the Women’s single title at Miami open tennis tournament held in April 2012?
A) Maria Sharapova
B) Serena Williams
C) Agnieszka Radwanska
D) Victoria Azarenka
7 Who won the Men’s single title at Miami open tennis tournament held in April 2012?
A) Novak Djokovic
B) Roger Federar
C) Briton Andy Murray
D) Rafael Nadal
8 Indian Government has used a rare presidential decree agaist board of which PSU company in April 2012?
A) Oil India
B) Coal India
9 Who has been appointed as new CMD of Coal India?
A) Zohra Chatterji
B) N C Jha
C) Nayan Mani Borah
D) S S Narsing Rao
10 As per Jan-March 2012 sales, which 2 two-wheeler player holds the second spot in Indian market?
A) Bajaj
B) Hero Moto corp
C) Honda
D) TVS Motors

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