Current Affairs Apr 2015 Quiz - 4

31The Reserve Bank of India has kept marginal standing facility (MSF) rate unchanged at  ________ during iits first monetary policy review meeting for fiscal year 2015-16 held in Apr 2015.
 A) 8.75%
 B) 9%
 C) 8%
 D) 8.5%
32Which logistics company acquired Dutch package delivery firm TNT Express for approximately 4.4 billion euros (USD 4.8 billion) in Apr 2015?
 B) FedEx
 C) Blue Dart
 D) None of These

33Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ____________ MUDRA (Micro Units Development Refinance Agency) Bank in Apr 2015 for small entrepreneurs and business houses in the country.
 A) Rs 30,000 cr
 B) Rs 10,000 cr
 C) Rs 20,000 cr
 D) Rs 5,000 cr
34"World Health Day" is observed on?
 A) 5-Apr
 B) 7-Apr
 C) 11-Apr
 D) 4-Apr
35Supreme Court has appointed ___________ in Apr 2015 to head an investigating team to further probe the Indian Premier League (IPL) season 6 spot-fixing and betting scandals.
 A) Rupak Kumar Dutta
 B) Vivek Priyadarshi
 C) Archana Ramasundaram
 D) Arun Kumar Sharma
36__________, a 15 years old Indian-origin student, won the Institute of Physics Prize (IOP) in the UK for his project on special relativity in Apr 2015. During his year-long project, He used two Geiger-Müller tubes to detect cosmic ray muons.
 A) Pratap Saxena
 B) Amit Singh
 C) Pratap Singh
 D) None of These
37Which Indian e-commerce marketplace acquired India-s fastest growing mobile transaction platform FreeCharge for an undisclosed amount in Apr 2015?
 A) FlipKart
 B) Jabong
 C) Snapdeal
 D) Amazon
38Indian Grandmaster ___________ won the bronze medal along with Swedish Grandmaster Pia Cramling as she made it to the semi-finals of World Women's chess championship in Apr 2015.
 A) Dronavalli Harik
 B) Humpy Koneru
 C) Tania Sachdev
 D) Padmini Rout
39India's trade deficit stood at __________ in March 2015 (announced in Apr 2015).
 A) USD 9.45 billion
 B) USD 10.20 billion
 C) USD 11.8 billion
 D) USD 13.8 billion
40Chairman & Managing Director of TIL Limited, __________has been elected as the President of CII for the year 2015-16 (announced in Apr 2015).
 A) Ajay Shriram
 B) Sumit Mazumder
 C) Harsh Goenka
 D) None of These

31Ans) 8.5%
32Ans) FedEx
33Ans) Rs 20,000 cr
34Ans) 7-Apr
35Ans) Vivek Priyadarshi
36Ans) Pratap Singh
37Ans) Snapdeal
38Ans) Dronavalli Harika
39Ans) USD 11.8 billion
40Ans) Sumit Mazumder

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